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Envirotech Air Quality Services and Air Conditioning Service Lauderhill, FL

No matter the season, it’s important to know who to call when you have any type of problem with your heating, air conditioning or indoor air quality systems. In the Lauderhill area, that company is Envirotech Air Quality Services. We provide a wide range of HVAC services to all of our residential and commercial clients, and we’re always glad to share our expertise and commitment to quality with new customers. So call us today and learn more about how we can help make your home more comfortable all year long.

Air Conditioning and Heating Services in Lauderhill, FL

Because of the hot, wet weather we have here in the summer, it’s important to have a good air conditioning system to keep your home cool and comfortable no matter what’s going on outside. But when that chill creeps into the air, you also want to know you have a good solution in place to keep your home warm when you need to.

Our heating and air conditioning experts understand the unique challenges of keeping your home comfortable year round in the Lauderhill area, which is why we carry a great lineup of quality heating and cooling systems for you to choose from. Our array of ductless mini split systems and heat pumps offer complete climate control by providing both heating and cooling for your home.

No matter what your heating and cooling needs, we’ll work closely with you to make sure the system we install is the best fit for your home in every way. We’ll also provide comprehensive professional maintenance service for your heating and cooling systems. This will ensure they always work right when you need them to and that they’re consistently operating at peak energy efficiency. Should you ever need repairs, we have someone on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to get your system back on track.

Other Services Offered in Lauderhill, FL

  • Ductless Mini Split Systems – We can install, repair and maintain all types of ductless mini split heating and air conditioning systems. This technology is great if your home doesn’t have ductwork installed or if you need to extend cooling and heating into a new home addition.
  • Heat Pumps – Because they provide effective heating and cooling to your entire home, heat pumps are an excellent option for all your home comfort needs in the Lauderhill area. Our experts can install, repair and maintain all types of heat pumps, and we’ll work hard to make sure yours is functioning properly year in and year out.
  • Commercial Services – Without effective and efficient heating, cooling and refrigeration, your business will suffer. That’s why our commercial experts are always available to provide professional commercial HVAC and refrigeration installation, maintenance and repair services.
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