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Bob Billings's Profile Image
Bob Billings, Last year

They cleaned the duct work in my condo and reset the fan speed on my blower.

London Smith's Profile Image
London Smith, Last year

Fast and professional service

John P Hayes's Profile Image
John P Hayes, Last year

Most consumers are suspicious of contractors - period. We never know if what they say needs done really needs done and even worse, if we hire them to do the work we don't know if they actually do it! I was very cautious when it came time to finding a contractor to clean the aid ducts in my house. I had several companies come to give me estimates. I then compared what each said I needed to have done and then I discussed the information with my regular AC technician. I went back and forth with 2 contractors. One was 2/3rds the price of the other and one said they could get the job done "today" in 3-4 hours while the other said it would take 7 hours and they were booked for 2 weeks! One wanted to remove the coil from my AC unit to clean it - the other wanted to clean it in place. After several days of consideration I chose Envirotech. Their price was more expensive and I had to wait 2+ weeks but I'm glad I did. They are very professional and they took time to show me what they were doing while they were in my house. I highly recommend them.

Tim Doherty's Profile Image
Tim Doherty, Last year
A C's Profile Image
A C, Last year

I had gotten a bid from Sears 99. Full Duct cleaning special advertised the on the TV.
It was a nightmare. A total misleading and bait and switch service. The very young and very inexperienced duo told me I had lots of mold and some even black mold! For a cost of 2200. They could get the mold out. Therefore, they could not do the cleaning for 99. Of course I said goodbye.
I did a more extensive search, this time gor an AC company that have professionals who understand systems! I was Reffered to this company from both my local neighborhood site and another AC company, who actually gave me their #. After stating they do not do the cleaning. But, their clients have used this company. With lots of positive feedback.
They responded the same day for an inspection and quote.
The very nice and professional service man Brett the Owners son.
Did the same inspection. He said their was no mold visible. Lots of construction dust. Which I had had my floors resanded...
He gave me a very good price to clean out all 10 of my ducts and the returns. He explained everything with knowledge.
The crew was out here 2 days later. The workers explained everything again. They left the vents spotless and cleaned up perfectly, when they left!
Today, one day later. I'm breathing much cleaner air. I actually did not wake up with a hacking cough this morning, like I had been since my floors were completed.
I'm so grateful that their are still some honest and professional family companies. Who aren't out to gouge an older single woman. Gosh! We can't even trust SEARs anymore:(
Obviously, my recommendation is don't hesitate to use ENVIROTECH ????????????

Peter DiGiacomo's Profile Image
Peter DiGiacomo, Last year

Envirotech, was amazing! On time, courteous and professional! Huge difference in our condo air quality especially in these COVID times. Good clean air circulation is essential! Would definitely recommend. Big shout out to Rich and his awesome staff.THANK YOU!!

Richard Hutchison's Profile Image
Richard Hutchison, Last year
Brian Laforest's Profile Image
Brian Laforest, Last year

Stephen did an awesome job and was very polite and professional. I have been with Envirotech for a long time and Thayne the owner is also a great person so I recommend them for providing services.

Margaret Meisner's Profile Image
Margaret Meisner, Last year

I've used Envirotech for a number of years now and have received nothing but great, professional service. I would recommend them to anyone wishing to receive a quality service

Marquis Fleming's Profile Image
Marquis Fleming, Last year

Steven was great! He explained the issue with us walked us through what he is going to do to make the problem better and assured us that the problem will be 100 % fixed!

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