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Christian Cascone's Profile Image
Christian Cascone

After recently moving into an older home, we began waking up feeling like we had a cold. We noticed that every time the AC would come on, we'd start sneezing. Sure enough, the A-coil showed evidence of microbial growth. Rich came out and evaluated the scope, gave sound and unbiased advice and his team did a thorough job cleaning and removing the contaminants from our two HVAC systems, professionally cleaning out the upstairs duct-work, and coated/sealed the old return plenum downstairs with top-line Fiberlock 8000 HVAC insulation coating...and this stuff is not cheap. The team took their time and did the job right, but it only took a few hours total. They didn't cut any corners and the cost was reasonable. We immediately noticed a difference in air quality and have been waking up symptom free...just clear, fresh, cold air blowing now. Duct and HVAC cleaning gets a bad rap due to all the scammers out there...but when done right by a professional outfit, it can make your home feel new again. As a developer, I can tell you that Envirotech delivers and takes great pride in doing the job right. We've added them to our short-list of go-to contractors...well done.

Robert M.'s Profile Image
Robert M.

Rubin and J did a first rate job. They were both very conscientious, professional and thorough with their work.

Valued Customer's Profile Image
Valued Customer

I have used Envirotech for many years and I am beyond satisfied. They provide phenomenal services and products and their technicians are extremely nice people and very informative. They are a top provider and I recommend them highly.

Seth P.'s Profile Image
Seth P.

Great communication, great technicians. Techs worked fast and efficient. Very friendly and profession. Extremely detail oriented and left my entire system spotless. I would highly recommend this company.

Franco G.'s Profile Image
Franco G.

The service technicians (Ruben and Jabari) are very professional and pay much attention to details. They took the time to explain everything that they were going to do and how the cleaning process works. I was really pleased and impressed with their work and work ethic. Those guys are excellent. Great job!!

EJ Matregrano's Profile Image
EJ Matregrano

My service techs (Ruben and Jabari) were professional, courteous and friendly. They take their job serious and were very informative during the appointment. I would recommend them to everyone.

Matthew B's Profile Image
Matthew B

Excellent staff of polite and genuine technicians. Worked from dawn to dusk and in the rain even! I will definitely be recommending to friends and family. Thank you for your service!

Tim G.'s Profile Image
Tim G.

I had my air ducts cleaned by your company recently and have had a chance to evaluate the difference in the air quality. The difference is amazing! The person who came out was very professional and courteous. He explained everything that he was going to do and then explained it in more detail as he was doing it. He made sure that the equipment left no marks on the floor and cleaned up thoroughly after he was finished, even cleaning the ceiling, floor and walls around the vents. He really knows what he is doing. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your company and the people who work for you.

Kathy E.'s Profile Image
Kathy E.

All the techs that I met had great customer service..very informative, very respectful. I would recommend this company to anyone!

Lizbeth R.'s Profile Image
Lizbeth R.

EAQ provided prompt service and good prices at the highest professional level. I highly recommend this company for any air conditioning service needs.

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