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Do You Need a Thermostat Upgrade

Monday, November 2nd, 2020

Imagine how hard it would be to control your television without the help of a remote. We know there was a time when TVs were operated by a dial and antennae but those models are long gone. As technology has evolved, so have the controls used to operate them.

This applies to the systems that are used to boost your home comfort too. Your air conditioner today is far more advanced than its predecessors. Likewise, the system that is meant to control your AC system, your thermostat, has also advanced as well.

Updating your thermostat is a necessary air conditioning repair in Boca Raton, Florida. There are so many instances when we’ve been called to fix up a faulty AC system only to discover that the source of the problem is really the thermostat. With our help though, you can address the issue of your old thermostat and anything else that might be bugging your air conditioner.

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When Should I Replace My Thermostat?

Monday, March 21st, 2016

Your thermostat is the brain of your HVAC system, regulating the temperature inside a single room or your entire living space. It works by sensing the ambient temperature and sending an electrical signal to your air conditioning system, furnace, or both, causing it to cycle. Thermostats are fairly reliable devices, but they occasionally run into problems just like any other component of your system. But how do you know when it’s time to replace your thermostat?

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Simple Tips for an Exceptional Thermostat Performance

Monday, June 1st, 2015

One fact that we here at Envirotech Air Quality Services like to remind our customers of is that, while small in stature, the thermostat is one of the most vital components in any HVAC system. It is true that there are a number of ways in which one may choose to heat and cool his or her home. At the heart of any such HVAC system, though, is a thermostat. Across the board, it is the thermostat which allows the homeowner to take control of his or her home comfort system. Here are a few tips to help you to get the most from your thermostat in West Palm Beach, FL. Contact us today if you are ready to invest in a quality thermostat or to schedule exceptional thermostat services.

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Nexia Home Intelligence Systems are perfect for your business security!

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

Are you looking for a way to secure your business and manage your energy costs at the same time? Nexia Home Intelligence Systems allow you to check your office lights are set properly, your thermostat is off for the evening and much more! Not only can you check on energy saving items throughout your business but you can also view security cameras to monitor the security of the office while your away. We’ve added some screenshots below, call us today to find out how the Nexia system can help you run more efficiently and securely!

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How Your Thermostat Affects Your Air Conditioning

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

Here in West Palm Beach, FL, air conditioning season starts early. Almost as soon as we’ve shut down our heaters at the end of winter, the temperatures rise and it’s time to turn on the AC again. A number of different factors can impact your air conditioner, including your thermostat, which lets you control when the AC turns on and off. Here’s how your thermostat affects you air conditioning in West Palm Beach.

Problems with the thermostat tend to result in one of three different outcomes. Either your air conditioner doesn’t turn on when you need it to, it shuts off before it has adequately cooled the air, or it refuses to shut off when it should. If the thermostat is to blame, it could be suffering from a number of possible issues. For example, it may be misreading the temperature, causing it to turn on and off when it shouldn’t. Or its trigger switch may be malfunctioning, meaning that it can’t activate the air conditioner when it should. Circuitry shorts can cause it to simply shut off, or to turn the air conditioner on and off at random times.

Those issues involve something wrong with the thermostat unit itself. In some cases, however, the unit itself may be functioning properly. It just hasn’t been placed in an area that accurately reflects the temperature. Drafts, cold spots and similar quirks in your home can wreak havoc with a misplaced thermostat and render your air conditioning system all but useless in the bargain.

An air conditioning expert can usually fix the problem for you. In the simplest cases, he or she can simply replace a malfunctioning thermostat, though it may be possible to repair an existing unit depending upon the circumstances. A service technician can also reposition your thermostat to a spot in the home that more accurately reflects the temperature.

If you need West Palm Beach, FL air conditioning repair services, call Envirotech Air Quality Services. We understand how your thermostat affects your air conditioning in West Palm Beach and we’re ready to implement whatever solutions you need. Give us a call today!

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