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Nexia Home Intelligence Systems are perfect for your business security!

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

Are you looking for a way to secure your business and manage your energy costs at the same time? Nexia Home Intelligence Systems allow you to check your office lights are set properly, your thermostat is off for the evening and much more! Not only can you check on energy saving items throughout your business but you can also view security cameras to monitor the security of the office while your away. We’ve added some screenshots below, call us today to find out how the Nexia system can help you run more efficiently and securely!

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Nexia Home Intelligence Systems Screenshots by Envirotech

Friday, March 20th, 2015

Are you thinking about getting a Nexia Home Intelligence system but unsure of what to expect to see when you access the app or website? The Nexia Home Intelligence System allows you to access your thermostat for heating AND AC, check if your windows are unlocked, turn off/on lights, and much more!

Call Envirotech Air Quality Services to find out more about this service and what it can do for you, be a part of the future and find out why the Nexia System is a leader in the space! Check out the photos below for a real-time example of in use screenshots. Call today for all of your West Palm Beach area HVAC needs!

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Benefits of a Nexia Home Intelligence System

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

It might seem like something out of a movie, but homeowners today can have all the convenience of an automated house with remote control. Meet the Nexia Home Intelligence System, a technological advance that not only lowers your energy bills through control over your house’s HVAC system, but provides increased security throughout your home.

Envirotech Air Quality Services has partnered with Trane to install the Nexia Home Intelligence System for our customers. Call us to discuss how Nexia can make your heating and cooling in West Palm Beach, FL more energy efficient than ever.

The Nexia Home Intelligence System

This leap forward in home automation improves over even the most advanced wireless thermostat. It operates remotely—you can control it from a smartphone, laptop, or tablet—and it permits you to control many other appliances in your home, along with security systems and door locks.

The Nexia Home Intelligence System has too many features to cover in one post, but here are three of the major tools the system offers:

  • Climate management – Leave programmable and wireless thermostats behind! With Nexia, you have complete control over all the thermostats in your home, and can keep track of your home’s temperature wherever you are. The system also keeps records of your energy use, giving you access to how efficiently you use power to heat/cool your home.
  • Remotely control appliances – The HVAC system isn’t the only appliance you can control away from home. You can shut off lights if you forgot to turn them off before you left, as well as the television and stereo. You no longer need to worry about draining power during vacations or other long trips from home.
  • Home security If you have security cameras in your home, the Nexia system links to all of them, and you can access any camera in the home through your Wi-Fi connection. The sensors will also alert you to activity. This is useful not only for home security, but also to check if your children have made it home safely. The Nexia also gives you control over locks, so you can allow certain people access to your home without entrusting them with keys.

The Nexia Home Intelligence System is truly Next Generation technology, and a list of all its abilities would take up many pages. Contact Envirotech Air Quality Services to ask about the many advantages of installing one today, from improving security to improving heating and cooling in West Palm Beach, FL.

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Lake Worth, FL Air Conditioning Guide: The Nexia Home Intelligence System and Your AC

Monday, February 4th, 2013

While some homeowners still choose to use the old manual style thermostats you remember from years past, most have now at least upgraded to a digital thermostat. They are easier to read and accurately set. Programmable thermostats offer even more control to boost energy efficiency. These devices allow you to set up temperature maintenance programs specific to your schedule. This lets you keep your Lake Worth, FL home comfortable all day without using as much energy as you would otherwise.

For true control over the way in which your air conditioning system uses energy, though, consider the installation of a Nexia Home Intelligence System in your home. This incredible system gives you more control over energy use in your home than ever before. Contact Envirotech for more information.

Nexia Home Intelligence can be integrated into your heating and cooling system. This system allows you to control your heater and air conditioner from the thermostat, your computer, or even remotely from a smartphone. You can manage temperatures from anywhere with an internet connection, and Nexia allows you to track energy use in your home to pinpoint where your dollars are going.

We have all left the house in a hurry at some point. It is pretty annoying to realize on your commute that you have forgotten to turn your air conditioner down. Unless you have the luxury of turning around and going back home to do so, you would previously have to cut your losses and pay to cool an empty house all day. With the installation of a Nexia home intelligence system you can simply access your air conditioning system from your office or place of business.

The more control you have over the operation of your air conditioning system, the more efficiently you are able to use that system. Nexia Home Intelligence is all about giving you that level of control. Of course, its applications extend far beyond air conditioning.

With appliance modules you can control your television, stereo and other electronics remotely. You can even double check to ensure that you locked your windows and doors with the integration of sensors. Contact Envirotech to discuss the installation of a Nexia Home Intelligence system in your Lake Worth, FL home.

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