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Why Your Heat Pump Will Only Blow Cold Air

Monday, January 13th, 2014

When you have a heat pump installed in your Florida home, you do it because you want both heating and cooling for year-round comfort. If your heat pump starts to fail to do one of its two jobs—such as blowing only cold air during a time when you need heating—then you may have a serious problem with the unit that will require repairs from heat pump specialists.

We’ll go through some of the reasons your heat pump may seem to be stuck in cooling mode to help guide you toward a solution. Envirotech Air Quality Services is ready 24 hours a day to help you with any repairs you need in Wellington, FL for a heat pump.

Reasons for a heat pump to only cool

Let’s eliminate a simple possibility: the heat pump’s thermostat is set incorrectly. Check the thermostat to see if an error in programming has caused the heat pump to remain in cooling mode.

However, a thermostat can appear to have the correct setting, and yet have a malfunction that makes it send the wrong instructions to the heat pump. A miscalibration can lead to the thermostat sensing false temperature readings. A wiring problem can cause the thermostat to lose its connection to the heat pump entirely so that it cannot signal the heat pump to switch modes. Heating experts will get to the bottom of the problem and find a remedy.

The most common reason inside the heat pump itself for this problem is a malfunction with the reversing valve. This crucial component is attached to the refrigerant line and is responsible for changing the direction the refrigerant flows through the unit, and consequently the change from one mode to the other. If the reversing valve breaks, the unit will remain stuck in one mode. Only an expert repair technician can properly replace a broken reversing valve.

Bring in heating and cooling specialists

Heat pumps are not pieces of equipment that amateurs can repair using a printed-up guide from the Internet. You need professionals with the right training and the right equipment to assist you. If your heat pump remains in cooling mode, and nothing you do with the thermostat will correct it, you’ve reached the point where you need to call a heating and cooling contractor.

Envirotech Air Quality Services can provide exceptional repairs and maintenance for your Wellington, FL heat pump. Don’t just tolerate a broken heat pump, hoping it will get better. Make it better today with our services.

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How to Get Your Wellington FL Heat Pump Ready for Winter

Monday, November 5th, 2012

With winter rapidly approaching you need to start thinking about preparing for the cold days and nights that lie ahead. This includes ensuring that your Wellington FL heat pump is prepared for the task of keeping you warm throughout the season. Here are a few simple tips to help you make sure that your heat pump is ready to perform. If you have any questions about how to make sure that you get the best heating performance possible from your heat pump call the experts at Envirotech for answers. We’re happy to help you get your heat pump ready for the winter season ahead.

First of all, clean out your air filters. This is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to increase both the efficiency and effectiveness of your home heating system. Clean air filters means that there will be less airflow resistance, which in turn means that your heat pump will not have to work as hard to heat your home.

Also, make sure that all air intake registers are free of any blockages. Pull furniture away from walls, move boxes out of the way and make it as easy as possible for air to flow throughout your home. This allows for even, consistent heating throughout your home.

It is also important that you inspect you heat pump’s outdoor unit. Before you start using your heat pump this winter clear away any debris, branches and leaves that may have accumulated over the spring and summer. You need to be sure that the airflow around the outdoor heat pump unit is unobstructed. This improves efficiency while also reducing the risk of damage to your heat pump.

Finally, the most important thing that you can do to prepare you heat pump for winter is to call for professional maintenance service. There is no better way to ensure the proper, efficient and dependable performance you need from your heat pump. Schedule maintenance before you need to put your heat pump to use. This will allow your professional heat pump technician to tune up your system for maximum efficiency, and it is also a great opportunity to diagnose and repair any small or developing problems before they can cause serious headaches. Operating you heat pump in even slightly compromised condition degrades your system and increases the likelihood of a break down. Make sure that your heat pump is ready for action with regular professional maintenance.

Follow these simple steps and know that you’ll get the performance that you need from your Wellington FL heat pump this winter. Let Envirotech know if you have any more questions or would like to schedule service. We’re happy to help, so call today.

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Palm Beach Heat Pump Guide: Heat Pump Performance Problems

Monday, September 24th, 2012

Heat pumps certainly sound like a great alternative to gas and oil burning furnaces, but every system has their fair share of performance issues. Here are some of the issues you might face if you have a heat pump installed  in Palm Beach and what actions you can take to deal with them.

  • Improper Charge – While packaged heat pumps are often charged at the factory, meaning they are almost always charged properly, split heat pumps are charged at your home and can be improperly charged with too much or too little refrigerant in many cases. When this happens, you need a Palm Beach heat pump professional to carefully measure and correct the imbalance and get it right.
  • Air Flow Issues – Airflow should be carefully measured to between 400 and 500 cfm (cubic feet per minute) for every ton of capacity. This measurement should have been performed by the installing technician when your heat pump was first setup. If it was not or if you are unsure as you bought your home with the current heat pump, you can have a load calculation performed to determine if such a problem is present.
  • Other Energy Losses – Other sources of energy loss in a heat pump include dirty evaporator coils, dirty ductwork, leaky ductwork and improperly calibrated fan speed. All of these issues can be fixed by a technician but it is important that you call someone as soon as you notice any such issue to ensure it is repaired as quickly as possible.

A heat pump, when properly installed and well maintained is a highly efficient solution for your Palm Beach home’s heating and cooling needs. So if any of the issues listed above are starting to crop up, call Envirotech Air Quality Services who can fix them and get your system to the point it is supposed to be for proper operation.

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