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Why Doesn’t My AC Cool My House Effectively?

Monday, July 6th, 2015

When you live in as hot a climate as we do, it is not enough that your air conditioner is simply up and running, blowing cool air from its ducts; that system must be working at peak performance levels in order to ensure that your home is effectively and evenly cooled throughout. There are many reasons as to why your air conditioner may fail to cool your home effectively. Below are three common reasons for this being the case. If you find that you are struggling to enjoy a truly great performance from your air conditioner in Wellington, FL, just give us a call. Envirotech Air Quality Services will figure out precisely what the problem is, and we’ll go about resolving it effectively and entirely.

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How to Determine If Your Air Conditioning Refrigerant is Leaking

Monday, May 4th, 2015

Summer is on its way, and here in Palm Beach, FL, that means your air conditioning system needs to be ready to go. One of the most common problems that technicians experience with air conditioning systems is a loss of refrigerant. The chemicals required to facilitate the cooling process require specific amounts in order to work, determined by the exact model of your air conditioner. When those levels drop – usually through a leak or a loss in the system – it can create serious strain on the system, resulting in higher bills and a greater chance of a breakdown. A good maintenance or repair session can nip that problem in the bud, but how can you tell if those levels are low? Here’s how to determine if your air conditioning refrigerant is leaking.

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If Your AC Stops Working, Don’t Panic!

Friday, May 11th, 2012

Air Conditioner Tips | West Palm Beach | Envirotech AirIf your air conditioner suddenly stops working, don’t panic! AC systems are built to last a long time, so there are a few things you should check before you assume it needs a major repair. Here is a helpful tip for trouble shooting. First, check your circuit breakers or fuses to make sure your air conditioner has power. You should give you air conditioner some time to cool down before you try resetting it. If you suspect this could be the problem,you can often reset the system with a button on the compressor’s access panel. If that doesn’t fix the problem, give Envirotech Air Quality Services a call to have a professional assess the issue.

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Is there an overflow safety switch on your AC system?

Friday, April 27th, 2012

AC Safety Switch | West Palm Beach | Envirotech AirDo you know what this is?

Many people don’t know what an overflow safety switch is, none the less how important they are. These switched keep the AC system from overflowing into your home or garage in the event the drain line gets clogged or backed up. Installing an overflow safety switch is mandatory for your system to be up to code, but many contractors and service companies neglect to install this element. The switch should be present either on the air handler, or on the auxiliary drain pan (if a unit is hung from a garage ceiling or is in an attic). The effects of an AC overflow is your drain line gets clogged can be extensive and can cause expensive damage to your home. Call Envirotech Air Quality Services today for a qualified service technician to come check your home comfort system, and ensure your overflow safety switch is operating properly. Check out our promotions page for discount and specials on AC maintenance services!

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