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Don’t Miss Envirotech Air Quality Services on The Vanilla Ice Project!

While we usually do not advocate for DIY projects when it comes to HVAC and IAQ services around the house, Envirotech Air Quality Services is proud to announce that we are entering our 3rd season as the HVAC contractor on The Vanilla Ice Project, which airs on the DIY Network! Building a new home or remodeling an existing one? Call EAQ for all of your HVAC and clean air needs at 561-686-8926. If you’ve not kept up with Vanilla Ice, AKA Rob Van Winkle over the years, this may sound a bit confusing to you. Just tune in to The Vanilla Ice Project this season to see what he’s been up to. Watch Rob and The Vanilla Ice Project‘s crew revamping and revitalizing properties throughout the South Florida area.

What Is The Vanilla Ice Project?

The Vanilla Ice Project is a reality show on the DIY Network. It follows Vanilla Ice and his crew as they improve and revamp properties throughout the area. Vanilla Ice has years of experience with flipping homes, and has grown more and more involved in home improvement for the past decade and a half. Now entering its 5th season, The Vanilla Ice Project is back with a slew of new projects to tackle. Envirotech Air Quality Services is along for the ride once more, acting as the HVAC contractor for Vanilla Ice and his crew for the 3rd season running. It’s an exciting opportunity for us, and a clear sign that Mr. Van Winkle has impeccable taste in the contractors that trusts.

Schedule Your HVAC Services with Us!

It’s obvious that the DIY Network and Vanilla Ice’s team recognize the quality of the work that we do, or else we would not be back for a 3rd season. But you don’t have to own a mansion or appear on television in order to reap the benefits of working with our staff. Just give Envirotech Air Quality Services a call today to schedule your HVAC services with some of the finest technicians in the industry.

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