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Why Is Mold Potentially Dangerous?

Mold develops in a home when mold spores, which can travel through the air doing little harm for the most part, meet an area with a lot of moisture. This allows it to grow rapidly until it poses a threat to your health. With too many mold spores in the air, some people may begin to feel ill and it could even lead to some major renovations in the future. Mold is a dangerous occurrence in homes, so you should seek the services of trained contractors for remediation at the first sign of trouble.

First, mold can affect people with specific sensitivities. Asthma sufferers and those with allergies will be the most obviously afflicted, with frequent wheezing, irritation, itchiness, soreness, coughing and sneezing. People prone to lung infections or chronic lung illnesses may have a severe reaction or an additional infection. Additionally, those with immune disorders can have serious health issues with mold exposure.

But mold can cause health issues in people who were previously healthy. It may lead to a respiratory tract infection or persistent coughing and wheezing and can develop into something much worse. You see, your body cannot function correctly when the air in unclean, which is why some researchers have linked the spread of mold to depression.

There are a few things you can do to try and prevent mold from growing indoors. Be sure there is no carpeting in moist areas like the bathroom or basement and replace carpeting in the home after a flood. Do what you can to keep the home properly ventilated. Run the air conditioner on humid days and be sure to have it regularly maintained for proper dehumidification.

But most importantly, you should call a contractor for mold removal in Wellington for the safest remediation techniques. Mold usually hides away from view, but professionals have the right tools to detect mold behind walls, in corners, underneath carpet, and atop of air conditioning equipment. At Envirotech Air Quality Services, we use infrared diagnostic imaging to find mold and water leaks or wet spots that may lead to mold growth. We’ll make sure not only to help you get rid of the mold but also to keep it from returning again. Give us a call immediately when you spot the signs of excess moisture.

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