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Why Hire a Professional for Lake Worth, FL Mold Remediation?

The idea of mold forming in the corners of your home, or in the hidden damp spots of your air ducts, is unpleasant and probably something you’d rather not think about. However, mold growth is a potentially serious health hazard if it gets into your air through your HVAC system or into the floorboards or carpets in your living spaces. In the humid climate of Florida, mold can become a serious problem because the wet environment provides a fertile ground for the growth of spores.

But, in some ways, you shouldn’t have to think about mold growth—at least, not if you call in professionals to take care of your mold remediation. If you suspect mold growth inside your home because of recent water damage or a rise in allergy symptoms, you need to call in the Lake Worth, FL mold remediation experts, like those at Envirotech Air Quality Services, to take over your worries and solve them.

Here are the reasons to go to the professionals when you’ve got a mold contamination in your home:

  • Expert assessment: Locating all the spots where mold has taken hold and is growing isn’t easy. For every place you can visually spot mold contamination, there may be three others hidden from you. A professional will perform a full evaluation to uncover all the spots in your house requiring attention. Along with this assessment, the expert will find out the root cause for the infestation.
  • Special technology: Getting rid of mold requires more than household cleaners and rags. Mold remediation technicians use a variety of advanced tools that will not only eliminate the mold, but also discourage it from growing back by using combinations of dehumidifiers and air blowers. Infrared diagnostic imaging will help locate hidden mold and uncover the reasons for its growth.
  • Safety: You don’t want more exposure to the possibly toxic mold spores than you already have if they are in your home. For your own health, leave the mold remediation to the experts with the training to handle the problem safely.

You need to spend just enough time thinking about the mold in your home to know that it’s time to call in the experts to take care of the issue. If you need mold remediation in Lake Worth, FL, schedule an appointment with Envirotech Air Quality Services: we are state licensed mold assessors and remediators.

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