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What Helps and Hinders Mold Growth

signs of mold growth on white wallMold is gross. Plain and simple. You don’t want it on your food because if it shows up it means the food is inedible. And, having mold show up on clothing means you need to do some serious washing. It makes sense then that discovering mold growth in your home would ruin your day.

Unfortunately, homes in our part of the country are at a higher risk for mold growth thanks to our high levels of heat and humidity throughout the year. On the other hand though, that means that at least one team out there has to be a reliable resource for getting rid of it.

That’s what our team is here to do. We aren’t just about helping you regulate the temperature in the room. We can also help with handling mold growth in your house.

If you are doing battle with mold, we want to help. Reach out for mold removal in West Palm Beach, FL today, and read on to discover what habits you can build to get the mold growth in your house to a minimum

Risk Factors That Contribute to Mold Growth

Here are some contributors to mold growth around a large number of homes in West Palm Beach.

  • Leaks around the house: We handle HVAC systems, not plumbing. But you should know that issues with your plumbing, such as unaddressed leaks or blocked drains leading to flooding, can all contribute to mold growth. Make sure to address leaks or clogged drains ASAP.
  • High indoor humidity: This can be a tough one to combat. This is Florida after all. But it is important to know that homes in our area are at a heightened risk of mold growth because we do encounter a fair amount of humidity. The use of a dehumidifier in some homes can help to reduce this issue.
  • Dark, damp areas: This isn’t something you can get rid of. However, knowing where mold tends to grow is helpful because it lets you know what areas to keep a closer eye on so you can catch any mold growth early on.

Ways to Combat Mold Growth

So now that you know what can contribute to model growth, let’s look at what you can do to fight back!

  • Addressing high humidity: As we touched on above, humidity in our area is hard to control. But there is the option of using a dehumidifier in your home to help keep some of the excess moisture under control. This will help reduce the risk of mold.
  • Add a UV air purifier: Ultraviolet light can be a great way to fight back against mold. This is because UV light can destroy and break down mold spores, making them harmless as dust and unable to reproduce and grow.
  • Get professional mold services: Expert mold removal and remediation is the best way to battle back mold growth.

Need help with mold removal in your home? We are here to provide!

Contact Envirotech Air Quality Services for your service. We are licensed mold assessors and remediators and have proudly served South Florida since 1987.

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