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West Palm Beach Mold Removal: Water Damage and Mold

It’s hard to think of many disadvantages of the climate in a place like West Palm Beach, FL. We live in a vacation paradise. But one disadvantage that would leap to anyone’s mind is the humidity. Because of our humid climate, we have to be cautious about the growth of mold and other contaminants in our homes and businesses.

Humidity is a common cause of mold outbreaks. But an even greater cause is water damage. With Florida already a fertile ground for mold, even the smallest amount of water damage left unattended can lead to a mold infestation in the floors, carpets, walls, and air ducts of your property. There are ways to take care of mold, however. For West Palm Beach, FL, mold removal, look to Envirotech Air Quality Services and our mold remediation specialists to solve your troubles.

Even the smallest leak in a pipe can allow mold to get a hold in your home or business. A tiny break in the roof that lets in a dribble of rain or outside moisture is enough to start the problem. Large storms can send water into your property in numerous places you might not even realize.

Where mold grows, it not only poses a threat to the quality of the air you breathe, but it also eats away at building material. Mold destroys drywall rapidly and warps wood. If mold continues to spread, your home or office may suffer severe structural damage.

If you’ve recently purchased a house or a new commercial property, you need to keep a close watch for places where water damage has occurred during the previous period of vacancy. You want to detect mold growth as soon as possible to make it easier to get rid of it.

Keep in mind that you often won’t see the mold growing on your property, since it gets inside walls and under floors. If you see signs of water damage in one place, there may be other spots you can’t see where contaminants are beginning to take hold. Get professional mold remediators to search out the possibilities for hidden mold growth and eliminate all the trouble at once.

Envirotech Air Quality Services handles mold removal in West Palm Beach, FL for both residential and commercial customers. Don’t let mold from water damage get even the smallest grip on your home or business: call our experts as soon as you can to stop the problem.

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