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West Palm Beach Mold Removal Question: Why Use Infrared Diagnostic Imaging to Find Mold?

With all the humidity that we get here in Florida, mold is can be a problem for many homeowners. However, mold often develops in areas of your home that aren’t usually visible like in attics, ducts or behind walls. While it is possible to remove the stucco on your wall or remove the tiles in your bathroom to find the mold, using an infrared diagnostic imaging device offers many benefits to our technicians. If you suspect that you have mold in your home, call Envirotech Air Quality Services for mold remediation in West Palm Beach.

How to Tell If You Have Mold

Because of the high level of humidity in the air here in West Palm Beach, keeping an eye out for mold is critical to your home and to your health. Mold spores can actually be toxic in high enough levels.

  • Odor – If you start to notice a musty odor in certain places in your home, you could be smelling mold in the air. Mold reproduces by sending out spores into the air. When they land on something they can start to grow and form more mold.
  • Visual – If you see more mold starting to grow around your bathroom or other rooms in your home, it could indicate that you have mold growing elsewhere in your home.
  • Recent Water Damage – If you’ve recently had a burst pipe or flood in your home, it could mean that you might have mold growth in your home.

Infrared Diagnostic Imaging

Our technicians use infrared diagnostic imaging to let us see through the walls and ceilings of your home so that we can see mold growth, water leaks, wet spots and other problem areas in your home. When you need mold remediation in West Palm Beach, you want it to get done fast. With infrared diagnostic imaging equipment our technicians can find the problems and target their cleaning efforts there.

If you suspect that you need mold remediation in West Palm Beach, call Envirotech Air Quality Services today. We can send our experts to your home and they can quickly find the mold and get rid of it. Call us today.

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