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West Palm Beach Mold Removal Question: What is Infrared Diagnostic Imaging?

Mold detection used to be a very complex process. It required careful analysis of your entire West Palm Beach home, starting with problem areas and radiating out to other regions that could be affected by dampness and air flow issues. As a result, the detection process was often very expensive and wasn’t always 100% accurate. Today, technology has made it possible to detect and pinpoint mold sources much more quickly using infrared diagnostic imaging.

Infrared diagnostic imaging is a system that detects areas of moisture and heat inside your walls. Using infrared technology, this system seeks out areas that are slightly warmer than others, usually a sign of water build up or damage. Because water damage or a small leak behind a wall or under a floorboard is often a precursor to mold growth, this system not only makes it possible to find existing mold much more easily, but it allows you to address possible sources of mold growth before they become an issue.

Why is this system so ideal for anyone concerned about mold in their homes? Consider the fact that traditional abatement often requires removal of insulation, dry wall, wood, carpet and stucco inside a home. Thousands of dollars might be spent looking for and removing mold when it is only in a couple of specific places. Infrared diagnostic imaging allows you to learn exactly where mold is located before any action is taken to remove it.

Even more importantly, this technology enables your West Palm Beach mold removal contractor to find mold in places it might have previously remained hidden like corners, vaulted ceilings or crawl spaces. These areas required human inspection and careful lab testing before. Today, the diagnostic machines will pinpoint mold almost anywhere.

This is a system that requires professional operation so if you are concerned and want your home scanned, it is best to call Envirotech Air Quality Services – you can rely on us to get the job done right.

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