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Professional Palm Beach Mold Assessment and Removal Procedure

The presence of mold in a home is never a welcome surprise. When mold is discovered it is best to call for professional mold removal service as soon as possible. Before your mold remediation specialists, such as those at Envirotech Air Quality Services, begin the process of removing the mold from your home they should perform a thorough mold assessment.

By completing a mold assessment your service provider can determine just how serious your mold problem is as well as how best to resolve it. Call for an assessment if you notice the development of strong, musty odors, frequent allergic reactions, moisture problems, water damage or any visible mold growth. Your mold assessment and removal service providers will handle the rest.

Because mold can potentially produce harmful spores an assessment may include the examination of your HVAC system. If any is found your system should not be operated until it has been cleaned and all mold fully removed. During the assessment hidden mold will also be checked for. Mold tends to pop up in hidden places where moisture can collect, including above ceiling tiles, behind wall paper and dry wall, or under carpets. Mold may also grow in ductwork if moisture is allowed to collect, which also gives it the opportunity to disperse spores throughout your home. A mold assessment will ensure that your home is inspected and all mold sources identified so that they can be efficiently and effectively removed.

Don’t take any chances when it comes to mold in your home. At the first sign that your home may have a mold problem call Envirotech Air Quality Services. Protect your home and your health by having your mold problem professionally assessed and addressed before it gets out of hand.

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