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Mold Removal Tips: Is Your Palm Beach Home at High Risk for Mold?

We have to contend with the high humidity in the region, often averaging over 70% for most of the year. That makes for a natural breeding ground for mold and homeowners who aren’t careful could find themselves with an infestation in their homes. Mold growth can create allergic reactions in people, irritate the nose and throat and cause similar health problems. A good cleaning service can provide solid mold removal tips, but before it reaches that stage, you have to ask: is your Palm Beach home at high risk for mold?

It starts with the surroundings in your yard. Mold grows in compost and areas with rotten or rotting vegetation. That can include fallen leaves and mulch as well as areas with standing water In particular, look for those conditions around vents or air conditioning units: anywhere that spores might enter into your ventilation system

Inside the home, mold can grow anywhere where excessive moisture can be found. That includes potential leaks in the plumbing, wet spots in the duct system, neglected areas in the basement or  attic: anywhere out of sight and that may be wet.

Dealing with mold means enacting preventative measures as much as handling an outbreak after it occurs. Keep your house dry and clean up any leaks or spills immediately. You can also help by scheduling regular maintenance on your air conditioning system and having your ducts cleaned periodically. A trained professional can clear any clogged drains in the system, remove condensate moisture and pull existing mold from the duct system before it has a chance to really flourish.

Is your Palm Beach home at high risk for mold? If it’s clean and dry, probably not. But hidden corners such as the duct system can’t always fall under your watchful eye. In those cases, the experts at Envirotech Air Quality Services can help. We handle Palm Beach mold removal and can provide many mold removal tips as well as cleaning your home with courtesy and professionalism. Pick up the phone and call us today to set up an appointment.

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