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Infrared Diagnostic Imaging and Mold Removal

As many people know, having mold growth in your home can be a serious issue. However, finding the mold can be akin to a scavenger hunt as you try to find the areas of your home in which the mold is growing. Mold thrives in moist, cool, dark places, so it can be hard to detect exactly where it may be, and the places may be difficult to reach, like the inside of your ductwork. A great tool that can help detect potential mold growth is infrared diagnostic imaging. But not just anyone can use infrared light; it takes trained personnel to calibrate and read the results of the imaging. Envirotech Air Quality Services has the trained experts who can help you with mold problems using infrared technology.

How Does Infrared Imaging Help?

Infrared imaging, also known as thermal imaging, creates a picture or pictures from the infrared radiation of things, objects and living beings. This radiation is created by the heat energy of the object; the higher the temperature of the object, the brighter the color of its imaging. The image collects the infrared radiation from objects in front of it and creates an electronic image based on information about the temperature differences. The colors range from dark purples and blues, which indicate low temperatures, to bright reds and yellows, which indicate higher ones.

Trained technicians use infrared imaging to detect air leaks and pockets of moisture that aren’t readily visible to the naked eye. Infrared allows this detection without opening walls or ceiling, or pulling up carpets and floorboards. The technology is very precise and can map hard-to-reach places.

Once specific areas are noted to have excess moisture, they can be tested for mold growth. The infrared helps pinpoint locations that may have gone unnoticed without the help of the imaging.

Infrared diagnostic imaging can be an important tool to help with the removal of mold in your home. Mold side effects can range from uncomfortable to dangerous, so it’s imperative to completely rid your home of all mold growth. If mold growth has become an issue in your home, schedule an infrared diagnostic imaging appointment to help with your mold removal in West Palm Beach, FL. Envirotech Air Quality Services has the trained experts you need – call us today!

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