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When to Schedule Professional West Palm Beach Mold Assessment

In the high humidity conditions of West Palm Beach, FL, mold growth can be a serious problem. Not only do the toxic spores affect the health of residents, it can also destroy the structure of your home, as well as the belongings in it. Flood or water damage often triggers extensive mold growth, which can only be taken care of by a professional mold removal expert. If you’re concerned about mold growth in your home, then you should get in touch with the West Palm Beach mold remediation team at Envirotech Air today!

If you stay alert to high moisture conditions in your home, you can often catch mold growth before it begins to integrate itself fully into your home. Here are some signs you should schedule professional mold assessment:

  • Flooding or water damage. Once the post-flood cleanup is done, the next step is to call for mold assessment. With the humidity levels already high, homes can be difficult to dry out, and even when thorough inspections have come and gone, water can often reach inside and between walls, allowing mold to grow on surfaces out of view. Stay alert to your sense of smell, which may be able to detect a mold problem when your sight cannot.
  • Visible mold growth. While this seems obvious, mold growth can quickly spread if not taken care of as soon as possible.
  • Frequent allergic reaction or other health issues. Mold is a common allergen. While some people are not as sensitive as others are, mold can cause skin and respiratory irritation. Unseen mold is a common culprit of mysterious health problems in the home.
  • Strong odor. While humid air can often be stuffy and uncomfortable, you’ll know mold when you smell it. That musty odor is often the telltale sign of a mold problem. It’s important to trust your senses in this case.

Mold assessment requires a full evaluation of your home, including its heating and cooling system, to determine the level of mold in the house as well as where it’s most prevalent. It must be done before proper mold remediation can take place. For mold assessment and remediation in West Palm Beach, FL, call Envirotech Air today! 

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