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Need Mold Remediation? Only Trust a Pro

mold spots developing on white wallOne of the most irritating problems you may deal with in your Florida home is the presence of mold. Mold is a lot more harmful than many people realize, and—unfortunately—a lot harder to get rid of than many homeowners realize. That’s why you need an experienced Wellington, FL mold removal company on your side. Fortunately, you have that with Envirotech.

But first, it’s helpful for you to know a bit more about mold—what it is, why it’s harmful, and why you should only trust a pro. Keep reading to learn more.

What Mold Is

When you think of mold, you probably think of the substance that forms on food that was left in your pantry, or even your refrigerator, a bit too long. It’s something you just throw out, and you’re done with. True—this is one type of mold.

But mold also develops within your property, and depending on the type of mold it is, it can make you very ill. Mold is a single organism consisting of multicellular fungal filaments. The mold we’re talking about today thrives in humid surroundings—which we are plenty familiar with. Mold and its spores spread quickly and easily, as they’re carried by the airflow within your home.

Where Mold Likes to Hide

So, why is an HVAC company talking about mold? Well, mold growth often starts in cool, damp environments which means it’s not rare for its development to begin in your ductwork or the crawlspaces of which your ductwork exists.

When this occurs, you may likely notice a musty smell, even in a well-maintained home. This is often the leading sign of hidden mold growth, and when this occurs you should never ignore it. On the rare occasion you visually spot the mold on your own, and remove it and dry out the space—you might have taken care of the problem temporarily. But the problem can persist later on.

The Impact of Mold on Your Health

Mold contains invisible airborne spores that are carried in the air current. They settle on the surfaces in your home with no discrimination, and for even the healthiest person can bring about allergy symptoms. Mold exposure is particularly harmful for individuals who suffer from asthma. Even unexpected health problems can arise, such as eye irritation or respiratory issues beyond asthma.

Why You Should Opt for Professional Mold Removal Services

Our professionals have the appropriate tools, and sufficient knowledge, to adequately fight mold, for starters. We’ll be able to discover all the mold within your living space—whether it’s visible, hidden, or seemingly harmless dormant spores. This includes the most harmful type of mold there is—black mold.

Additionally, we’ll locate the source of the mold, whether it be from a leak, moist materials, or some other problem, and eliminate it. We can help you to avoid future mold growth too, by replacing the impacted materials and applying special products to restrict mold development, and we’ll repair any disruption this process creates.

Envirotech Air Quality Services is one of the very few HVAC companies in south Florida who are also licensed mold assessors, mold remediators, and duct cleaners. Contact us today to learn more.

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