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Mold Removal Can’t Wait, Here’s Why


When there’s mold present in your home, it poses major health risks. If you ever notice a funky smell when you turn on your heater, or if you’ve come across visible mold in the dark, damp corners of your home, you have a serious problem on your hands.

You need mold remediation in West Palm Beach, FL. Here are three major reasons why mold removal simply can’t wait, otherwise, you run the risk of harm to your family and your home.

Mold Can Make Your Family Sick

Mold spores can mimic symptoms of the common cold. Exposure can make you sick, even in a limited capacity. When you compound the effects of mold sickness with sick building syndrome, it creates a sinister combo.

Mold spores that are dealt with quickly shouldn’t create much of a problem, but when that mold gets into your home in a spot that isn’t easy for you to clean, the problem can compound over time.

It Can Cause Long-Term Health Problems

Mold releases spores and these spores cause long-term damage. We all breathe in a relatively low amount of mold spores throughout our lives. It’s unavoidable and grows quickly, so if you’ve ever breathed while in the subway or in a damp parking garage, chances are you’ve inhaled mold spores.

It’s the high volume of inhaled mold spores that causes a big problem. Your immune system can only do so much. When you continually introduce mold spores into your respiratory system day after day, it can cause long-term and sometimes irreparable damage.

According to Healthline, repeated mold exposure (over time) can cause the following problems: fatigue, organ damage, chronic sinusitis, upper respiratory issues, asthma in children, and mold allergies.

This is the number one reason to tackle the mold problem in your home before it has the chance to impact your health and the health of those you love.

Mold Growth Can Destroy Your Home

Mold is the result of moisture and darkness, which indicate a deeper problem. The same conditions that allow mold to grow can invite decay fungi into your home, which will eat at the wood and structure of wherever it’s located.

Mold spreads. It doesn’t just stay in one place. There’s a reason that moisture is getting into that crevice or small area, and unless that’s dealt with on top of mold removal, more will spawn.

With time, mold causes more problems. Once you become aware of a mold problem, it may have already caused large-scale damage. This is why it needs to be removed by a professional. They can also inspect the area to find the full extent of the damage and suggest a fix moving forward.

Don’t Mess With Mold

Mold growth is a serious problem for any home. If you detect mold or it comes up during an inspection, it’s important to call for mold remediation services as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the larger the potential health risk becomes.

Contact Envirotech Air Quality Services today to schedule mold removal services. Welcome to the family!

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