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Avoid These Mold Problems All Year Long

Have you ever noticed the presence of mold in your home? Hopefully, you’ve never had to deal with an infestation, particularly if it’s black mold. Not only does mold of this kind threaten your property, it can also be detrimental to your health and the health of your family. Fortunately, there is a solution: the mold assessing and remediation services that our experts perform. Keep reading to learn more about the problems you can avoid by having mold thoroughly removed.

Structural Problems

An important factor to keep in mind about black mold is that it’s typically found in parts of a property that is not visited often, such as within structural supports and load-bearing beams. If this mold finds its way into porous surfaces, it can slowly corrode the surface until nothing is left, resulting in damage to your home.

Poor Health

Mold can pose a serious health threat to not only humans, but pets as well. Black mold can worsen allergies, cause headaches, and even cause respiratory symptoms—particularly in individuals who already suffer from allergies or asthma.

The Importance of Quick Mold Remediation

While the above mentioned consequences may seem severe, they can be prevented. It’s important that if you spot or suspect mold in your home, that you hire a professional mold removal company to inspect your home.

Our team offers both assessment and remediation services. We can locate the mold, finding out what the root of the problem is—whether it is a leak, condensation, or pooling water from a foundation crack. With our remediation services, we’ll take the appropriate steps to ensure that the mold doesn’t release spores and impact the rest of the home, and then we will use specialized equipment to effectively remove the mold for good.

Envirotech Air Quality Services is one of the very few HVAC companies in south Florida who are also licensed mold assessors, mold remediators, and duct cleaners. Contact us today for your Lake Worth, FL mold removal services.

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