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Are There Ways To Prevent Mold Growth In The Home?

corner-of-room-with-mold-and-mildewMold doesn’t just impact the food you brought back from the restaurant and forgot about for a month (we’ve all been there.) Mold, especially in regions as humid as ours, can negatively impact our homes and, by default, our quality of life.

No one wants to use a bathroom with mold creeping out from the corners, or sit in a room with mold decorating the walls like bad wallpaper. It smells bad, looks bad, and in many cases is bad for you. You want to try to prevent mold growth as best as you can. And we can help you do that.

Read on for tips on preventing mold growth in your home and what to do if you encounter mold growth that has already begun.

Don’t Let The Damp Settle In

Was something spilled? Or perhaps you’ve noticed some parts of your home collect humidity more than others. Whenever there is water or moisture settling on the surfaces around your home, do everything you can to address it and dry the area out. Keeping things dry is one of the best ways to combat mold growth.

Check For Leaks Regularly

High humidity creates plenty of trouble in Florida but that isn’t the only problem caused when it comes to mold growth. Pipe leaks that have gone on unhindered for too long can also contribute to mold growth. Make sure to double-check for leaks in your home so you can catch them early and address them before they contribute to mold growth in the house.

Use an Air Purifier Or UV Germicidal Light To Kill Spores

Mold spores that are floating around in your home’s air will eventually find somewhere to settle and spread if they aren’t dealt with. Installing a whole-home air purifier or UV germicidal light can help to combat mold growth by either killing the spore or rendering them unable to grow.

Be Vigilant About Dark Corners

Have some darker corners throughout the house that rarely see natural light? If you have had issues with mold before now, try to build a habit of checking these areas regularly. Dark, damp corners make for prime mold growth environments. If you notice any condensation or dampness in these corners, make sure to wipe it away to keep things as dry as possible.

“What Do I Do If There Is Already Mold In My House?”

Even with the best effort and best practices, mold is tricky and can still find a spot in your home to call its own. So what do you do if and when mold starts to grow in your house?

Mold growth isn’t the same as dust build-up. You can’t just wipe it away with a cloth and some cleaning solution and have the issue solved. When you are battling mold growth in your home, it is best to deal with it by coming to us for mold removal and mold remediation in West Palm Beach, FL.

Contact Envirotech Air Quality Services for your mold remediation services. We are one of the few companies in South Florida licensed to be mold assessors and remediators.

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