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4 Ways that HVAC Systems Develop Mold

The idea that toxic mold could thrive in the ducts is something that no homeowner wants to face. But a musty smell when you run the air conditioner or the appearance of mold on an air vent is something you simply cannot ignore. Unfortunately, HVAC systems are prone to developing mold, and we help you to understand the reasons in this guide. If you suspect a mold problem in your ducts, call in an expert right away!

Reasons for Mold in Your HVAC Unit or Ducts

If you have experienced mold growth in your HVAC system, you are not alone. Moisture in the HVAC system or in your home create conditions for mold to spread, but there are always methods of getting the moisture problem under control.

  1. The AC Coil: The AC coil develops condensation as warm, humid air moves over the cool coil. If your air conditioning system is not set up properly, the moisture may not be able to move into a drainage system effectively.
  2. Condensate Drain Problems: Alternatively, the condensate drain that allows moisture to evacuate the system could be clogged with debris, forcing water to backup into your HVAC system.
  3. Humidifiers: It’s a rare problem in South Florida, but some homeowners in other parts of the country install humidifiers in order to combat dry air. They may forget to turn the humidifier off when they don’t need it, forcing the air to become too humid, and creating an environment where mold can thrive.
  4. Poor Duct Placement/Installation: Leaky, poorly installed ductwork could also contribute to mold development. Fiberglass duct board must be removed and replaced once mold starts to form, whereas it is much easier to remove in a sheet metal duct system.

Mold Remediation from Licensed Professionals

Do not attempt to remove the mold from your HVAC system on your own. Not only is it difficult to get to, but you should also have a professional check that the mold has not spread to another location in your system. A mold remediation expert will help you to get the mold under control. But more importantly, your specialist will make sure the moisture control problem is handled first and foremost, so that mold does not develop again any time soon.

Call the friendly professionals at Envirotech Air Quality Services for mold remediation services in Wellington, FL.

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