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3 Signs That You May Have a Mold Problem

Nobody wants to be faced with a mold problem. Not only is mold unsightly and inconvenient, it can make you and your family sick. Unfortunately, many people live in a home with mold and experience adverse health effects long before even realizing it’s there. They either ignore or are unaware of the warning signs until the problem reaches a point that the mold has reached a critical point. Therefore, it’s important to understand 3 of the most common signs that you have a mold problem, which we’ve listed below.

Strange Odors

Mold has a particularly pungent smell. When confined to a certain area of your home, you’ll likely notice an unpleasant smell when you are in that area. Mold may live within your walls and even behind wallpaper, so you might not connect the smell with mold right away. However, if you do notice a strange smell, it may be time to call in a professional to assess the situation.

Visible Mold

Many homeowners may dismiss the first sight of mold as lime scale or soap scum buildup. However, mold is usually a darker color with a specific look to it. Also, your basement or cellar is also prone to mold and mildew, and this is an area that you likely don’t visually inspect on a regular basis. Be sure to check any areas that may experience dampness, as mold could very well be there.

Health Issues

You won’t always see mold, therefore it can be difficult to know if you have a problem. However, if you notice you or anyone in your family have been feeling listless, congested, and/or experiencing watery eyes while at home, you could very well have a mold presence. It’s not rare for a person who lives in a home with mold to feel better once they are outside or at work.

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