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When Should UV Germicidal Lights Be Used?

With all of the technology that is now available for use in residential settings, it is easier than ever for homeowners to live in the level of comfort that they deserve. This extends far past great heating and air conditioning systems, though. It is necessary to maintain great air quality in one’s home, as well as comfortable temperatures, if one hopes to live in true comfort. Modern indoor air quality products and services allow for homeowners to boost the quality of the air throughout their homes more easily than previously possible. It is important, though, that the right tools are used for the task at hand. When used properly and in the right situations, UV germicidal lights are a great way of boosting one’s indoor air quality in West Palm Beach, FL. Contact Envirotech Air Quality Services to learn more.

What Are UV Germicidal Lights?

UV germicidal lights are indoor air quality devices that are installed into the ductwork of forced air distribution based HVAC systems. Therein, they emit small, safe amounts of UV, or ultraviolet, radiation. While this level of UV radiation is not enough to harm anyone living in the house, and is limited to the space within the ductwork, anyway, it is more than enough to help destroy biological contaminants. Such contaminants include viruses, mold spores, and bacteria. By disrupting these living pollutants at the DNA level, rendering them incapable of reproduction, UV germicidal lights are able to make your home a more healthful place to live.

Limitations of UV Germicidal Lights

Some people are always on the lookout for a “one size fits all” approach to comfort. The fact of the matter is, though, that indoor air quality is a complex situation. Because of this, specialized equipment with a designated purpose is often necessary. It is important that you keep in mind the fact that UV germicidal lights do nothing to remove pollutants such as dirt and dust from the air. They are, then, a great supplement to, but in no way a replacement for, air filters and filtration systems. Let us help you to breathe air of the quality that you deserve in your home.

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