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What Kind of Pollutants Can Duct Cleaning Get Rid Of?

“Do I really need to get my ducts cleaned?”

We understand why you might think this: not only does duct cleaning sound like a lot of work, but because your ducts remain mostly out of your sight, they never seem like priorities. So your ducts get a bit dirty—so what?

Plenty, actually. You definitely need to have your ducts cleaned—yearly, if possible. Ducts can gather a variety of contaminants that will endanger your heater and air conditioner’s performance and also lower your indoor air quality. Dirty ductwork can lead to your indoor air quality being almost 100 times worse than that of outdoor air.

Here are a few of the common duct contaminants that professional cleaning can remove from your ducts. For top-quality duct cleaning in Lake Worth, FL, call on the certified specialists at Envirotech Air Quality Services today.


Dust is the most common and insidious contamination that can enter ducts. No matter how well sealed your ductwork is, dust will enter through the vents and begin to settle inside; even a dirt layer only an eighth of an inch thick on your ductwork can result in a 30% loss of heating efficiency. Effectively removing dust requires special powered vacuums, so it isn’t something you should try to get rid of on your own.


One of the most dangerous pollutants that can enter your ductwork is mold and bacteria growth. In Florida’s humid climate, this is unfortunately a common occurrence. However, duct cleaners have different tools for mold remediation, such as special sanitizers and UV germicidal lights that use ultraviolet light to destroy the cellular structure of bacteria and prevent it from returning.


This is another unfortunately common occurrence in Florida, where humidity brings the metal inside ducts into contact with moisture, leading to the oxidation that creates corrosion. Corrosion will eventually eat through the ducts and lead to numerous problems from air leaks.

Duct cleaning requires extensive work, not only to apply the appropriate methods and tools to remove specific pollutants, but also to safely access the inside of your ducts without causing damage to them or other construction material. You should hire only trained duct specialists to handle this task. Envirotech Air Quality Services has on staff NADCA-certified duct cleaning specialists, so you know we have the experience and training necessary to get your ducts the cleanest they can be. Contact us today to set up an appointment for duct cleaning services.

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