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What Can End Up In Your Ductwork?

vent-register-on-wallThe quality of the air in your home is going to be a defining factor for your comfort level. Poor air quality can make it hard to keep cool while clean air is going to make things infinitely easier on you and your AC unit.

If you’ve been doing battle with poor indoor air quality, you may be wondering what may be the source. let’s say you’ve changed your system filter several times and you keep things extremely clean–how can you still have dirty air? The truth is the source may be built-up debris in your ducts.

But what can get into your ductwork and how does it get there? We can answer these questions and more.

How Do Your Ducts Get Dirty?

Just like time and use wear down your air conditioner they can also take a toll on your ductwork.

The dust motes, fur, dirt, pollen, and other contaminants that enter your home can make their way into your ducts. They may pass through your filter sometimes or they may find their way in through a leak in the ducts themselves. Every time someone enters your home, debris can enter the house from the air outside or from the debris that is brought in on shoes, clothes, and hair. What’s more, shedding of skin particles, hair, and fur in the cases of pets can all circulate in your home and up collecting in your ducts as well.

This won’t impact anything when you run your system for the first time or even the first 20 times. However, after years of use, a good amount of debris can build up in your ducts and have an impact on your home’s air quality and your comfort level too.

What Can Get Into Your Ductwork?

There are plenty of contaminants that can find their way into your ducts. These can include;

  • Dirt
  • Dust
  • Fur
  • Feathers
  • Small animal debris
  • Insects
  • Pollen
  • Mold spores

What Are The Signs Of Trouble?

If you have dirty ductwork it is best to get this system cleaned out by a professional. However, you may wonder how you are supposed to know when the build-up has gotten to be too much. Watch out for these warning signs:

  • Reduced airflow
  • Visibly dirty air
  • Frequently dirty air filters
  • Increased respiratory problems
  • Signs of mold growth around vents

The Solution? Clean Out Your Ducts

Dirty ductwork isn’t something to just live with. It is worth a call to our professional team for help. We can provide duct cleaning in Lake Worth, FL that will remove the built-up debris and leave your ducts clean and whole. Cleaning out your ductwork isn’t something to attempt yourself or let a friend do though. It requires special tools to accomplish effectively. This guarantees that you’ll enjoy better indoor air quality without harming your ducts or leaving you with added dirt in your home.

Ready for cleaner indoor air? Contact Envirotech Air Quality Services to schedule a visit from a technician. We are one of the very few HVAC companies in south Florida who are also licensed duct cleaners.

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