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What Can a Nexia Home Intelligence System Do for My Home?

With new technology that allows you to access your home no matter where you are, the future has truly arrived. Nexia Home Intelligence Systems operate via an application on your smart phone and/or tablet. From this single application, you can monitor your home comfort system, your energy usage, and your home security. And no matter where you are in the country, as long as you have access to the internet, you can rest assured knowing you’ll be alerted if anything unusual occurs inside or outside of your home.

When you install the following compatible products, they all operate from a central bridge which connects to the Wi-Fi in your home. When you open the app on your phone or tablet, you get a visual of the status of each one of these components and you can make any changes necessary. Here are a few of the components you can operate with a Nexia Home Intelligence System.

  • Thermostat – Heading home earlier than expected? Open the application on your smart phone, view the current temperature, and adjust it to your preferences so that you’re greeted by your desired temperature setting when you arrive.
  • Door Locks – Unlock the door for your kids if they arrive home before you do, or lock the doors from work if you forget to upon leaving the house.
  • Garage Door – When the garage door is left open even a little bit, intruders have access to many of your valuables and perhaps your entire home. Check whether this has been left open from your Nexia Home Intelligence application.
  • Security Cameras and Sensors – You may opt to receive alerts whenever there is activity on your property, or you can check up on your home with a compatible camera.
  • Lighting and Appliances – Turn off lights and appliances that consume energy even from many miles away.

Controlling all of these units while you’re away is not the only benefit of the Nexia Home Intelligence System. This system also lets you track and manage your energy usage so that you can ensure that you make smart energy choices. You must choose compatible products in order to connect them with the Nexis app. Allow the technicians at Envirotech Air Quality Services to install your Nexia Home Intelligence System in West Palm Beach to make sure you get the ultimate in comfort and control. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

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