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West Palm Beach Indoor Air Quality Tip: UV Germicidal Lights Vs. Air Cleaners

Are you trying to decide whether you should install a UVGI (ultraviolet germicidal irradiation) light or an air cleaner in your West Palm Beach home? Call the indoor air quality experts at Envirotech Air Quality Services to help you decide by going over each type of air filtration system. Both systems can target certain indoor air pollutants, but it’s best to compare the systems if you aren’t sure which one is right for you.

UV germicidal lights destroy harmful microorganisms, such as bacteria and viruses, that spread sickness. They can also help eliminate mold and mildew spores that can cause allergic reactions or other respiratory issues. UV germicidal lights are installed inside ductwork or near the air handler of your HVAC system so that these harmful organisms are not distributed throughout your home when you turn on your heating or cooling system.

Air cleaners are also installed to work with your heating and AC system. There are two basic types of air cleaners: electronic and mechanical air cleaners, and each target different types of indoor air pollutants. Mechanical air cleaners target larger particles, while electronic air cleaners target smaller particles. Neither are designed to provide the type of protection that UV germicidal lights can provide. For ultimate protection, some homeowners choose to install both UV germicidal lights and air cleaners.

While you can help improve indoor air quality and reduce allergies with a combination of air cleaners and UV germicidal lights, there are other considerations, such as proper ventilation, that can also improve the indoor air quality in your West Palm Beach area home.

Get started today with an indoor air quality assessment with Envirotech Air Quality Services. We can help you get cleaner, healthier air inside your home, so call any time to learn more about our indoor air quality services!

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