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Schedule Prompt Remediation Services to Avoid Serious Problems with Mold

Our climate is very humid for much of the year. We all know that this level of humidity can leave us feeling quite uncomfortable in areas without air conditioning. What too many homeowners fail to realize, though—at least, until it’s too late—is that high levels of humidity can also lead to serious problems with mold in the home. These problems may include costly damages to your home, plummeting indoor air quality, and even serious, adverse health effects. Envirotech Air Quality Services is licensed to test for mold and to remediate mold damage. Please contact us if you suspect you may have mold growth in your home or business.

Signs That You’ve Been Exposed to Mold

You may not think that you have anything to worry about in your home, as you have not seen the signs of mold growth on your carpeting or walls. In fact, though, mold can negatively affect your body and your health even before you notice any physical signs of its presence throughout your home. As noted in the article linked above, there are several warning signs that you may experience which can indicate that you are being exposed to mold in your home. You may suffer from constant headaches or frequent nosebleeds, for instance, or you may even cough up blood or black phlegm. It should go without saying that any such issues should be assessed and evaluated by a health care professional immediately. Should they be the result of mold exposure, call upon our team to work with some of the finest mold remediation professionals in Lake Worth, FL.

Regardless of whether you suspect that you have mold in your own private residence or in your place of business, it is always in your best interest and that of all those within that property to have the problem resolved promptly. As you’ll learn when reading the linked article, the negative health impacts that mold can have on individuals can be quite severe. Keep an eye out for the warning signs, and leave your mold removal and remediation services to the pros on our staff.

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