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One Simple Way to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

The summer season has officially begun, although of course for the typical Florida resident, summer weather has already become pretty unbearable. As such, you’ve likely been using your air conditioning system, a lot. Naturally, in addition to keeping cool you want to ensure that your indoor air quality is healthy as well.

When they’re out of use in the cooler seasons here, air ducts develop dust, dirt and other debris that can negatively impact the health of you and your family, not to mention the ducts themselves. While this is not a service that needs to be done as often as your yearly maintenance appointment, it is certainly a service to heavily consider.

How Will Clean Ducts Impact My Indoor Air Quality?

When excess dust is circulated through your air, in addition to other pollutants such as dander, dust mites, pollen and more, you and your family could very well experience skin and eye-irritation, breathing troubles, headaches, nausea, coughing and asthma symptoms. Allergy sufferers are especially prone to these problems.

Clean air ducts also positively impact the overall efficiency of your air conditioning system. All it takes to disrupt the airflow through your vents is a very small layer of dust. It forces your AC to work harder and thus it cannot effectively and efficiently cool your home. As dust and dirt accumulate over the years, your HVAC system will struggle and you’ll notice an increase in your energy bills.

When is the Best Time for Duct Cleaning?

It’s typically best to schedule duct cleaning at least every two years. It makes the most sense to schedule this service when the system is not in use, so you may want to wait until fall when the weather cools down. However no matter when you have the service done, you’ll notice an immediate improvement in your air quality.

To schedule your Royal Palm Beach, FL duct cleaning services with one of the only companies in the area with licensed duct cleaners, contact Envirotech Air Quality Services now!

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