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Is Something Growing In Your Ducts?

corner-of-room-with-mold-and-mildewHave you ever encountered something that started growing in the back of your refrigerator? Or maybe you discovered something growing in a closet or cabinet in your home? When you find these growths of mold or mildew, it isn’t pleasant and you want it dealt with quickly. But how do you know when something is growing in your home if you can’t see it?

All too often people are living with mold growth in their home without ever knowing it is there because it is in the one place most people never look: their ductwork! Especially in Florida, mold growth can be a battle thanks to the heat and humidity we deal with most of the year. If there is something growing in your ducts that doesn’t belong, you can come to our team for help.

How Can Mold Grow in My Ductwork?

If you didn’t know that it was possible for mold to grow in your ductwork, we’d like to give you some much-needed information. It is absolutely possible for mold growth to occur in your ducts. All mold needs to spread is moisture and warmth, both of which we have plenty of here in West Palm Beach. Unfortunately, while your ducts do transport cool air most of the year, they are likely to collect both heat and humidity throughout the year which can make the perfect environment for mold. This is especially true if your ducts are home to excess debris or even leaks that allow moist, warm air in.

Not sure if mold is present in your ductwork? Here are some signs that you may want a professional to come by to check things out:

  • Smells: The odor of mold or mildew is often the first warning sign people notice. This distinct scent of something wet and rotten is one that our noses pick up on quickly because it means that something in our environment is no longer healthy.
  • Mold on vents: Check your vents! If mold is in your ducts it can also start to collect on or around the vents in your home.
  • Symptoms of illness: Why is mold such a big issue? Because it can make us sick! If anyone in your home, pets included, starts to show signs of irritation when the AC runs such as headaches, congestion, or nausea, it may mean that you need to have your ducts checked.

Dealing With Moldy Ducts

Okay, so you are becoming pretty sure that there is mold growing in your ductwork. Maybe you just want to make sure to avoid the issue if there isn’t any. Whatever your situation, our team can help. We provide duct cleaning in West Palm Beach, FL that can help to keep your ducts clean of debris and reduce the chances of mold growth. Likewise, we also know how to remove mold and clean your ducts to prevent it from coming back anytime soon.

So why come to us when you are having problems with mold growth in your ductwork? Well, because we know how to handle the situation! Envirotech Air Quality Services is one of the few companies in the area that is licensed for mold assessment and remediation along with duct cleaning!

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