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Is an Electronic Air Cleaner Right for Your Home?

How’s the air quality within your home? If your temperature is comfortable and your AC is working well, you are probably thinking “just fine!” However, have you noticed any allergy symptoms? Or how about an excessive amount of dust on your surface areas? During the seasons in which we use our HVAC systems most, our doors and windows are naturally sealed up tight. This is great for efficiency, but not so great for your indoor air quality.

In fact, your indoor air quality can actually be worse than the air quality outdoors. For this reason, we highly recommend investing in an electronic air cleaner in order to effectively clean up the air in your living space. Of course, it’s vital that you schedule your indoor air quality services with trusted technicians who are licensed and trained in this field, such as the members of our staff.

What Does an Electronic Air Cleaner Do?

Are you concerned about biological pollutants? If viruses, mold, and bacteria seem to plague your home then a UV air purifier may be needed to resolve the problem. However if this isn’t a problem or if this is only part of the problem, then an electronic air cleaner may be appropriate for you and your home. You need a system capable of removing allergens such as dirt and dust from your air, not necessarily one that destroys living pollutants—as a UV air purifier does.

Electronic air cleaners charge pollutants in the air, and thus traps them on oppositely charged collector plates. These plates can then be simply removed and cleaned off. Perhaps the biggest benefit of an electronic air cleaner is that it can capture smaller particles that might not otherwise be stopped by an air filter.

For expert electronic air cleaner installation and other indoor air quality needs in West Palm Beach, FL, contact Envirotech Air Quality Services today.

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