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How Air Purifiers Can Help Your Home

green-homeA focus on indoor air quality (IAQ) has become much stronger considering the events we all got through in 2020. While things may not be entirely back to normal just yet, our hope is that you are still interested in optimizing your home’s air quality. Why? Because it is going to benefit you in the long run, whether there is an international problem or not.

With that said, we want to take some time to highlight a specific system that has garnered a lot of attention: purifiers. An air purifier in Coral Springs, FL can be added to your home in order to boost your IAQ. This can provide some great benefits for your home’s air and your comfort too.

What is an Air Purifier?

When we discuss air purifiers, we are specifically talking about a whole-house air purification system. This is an important distinction because there are plenty of purifiers that are portable, plug-in models that you can get from just about any department store.

Whole-house air purifiers are installed by a professional technician into your ductwork. This allows them to clean all of the air that enters your home, rather than just the air in one or two rooms at a time.

Purifiers can come in two key forms: electric or UV light. Both purifier types can offer great benefits to your indoor air quality and, in turn, your overall home comfort.

The Perks of Whole-Home Purifiers

So, why invest in a whole-house air purifier? There are plenty of reasons that this system is a great investment in both modern and older homes. Here are some of the key perks of these indoor air quality systems that you may want to consider:

  • No extra space needed. As we said above, these purification systems are installed into your ductwork. This means that you won’t need to worry about finding extra space to set up a portable system.
  • Cleaner air improves air quality. You want optimal indoor air quality in your home. An air purifier will help to clean the air in your house to accomplish this.
  • Improved results for your health. With fewer airborne irritants, you will enjoy better respiratory health. Everyone feels better when they aren’t sneezing or coughing constantly.
  • Better HVAC operation. A reduced amount of contaminants in your home will reduce the impact that those particles can have on your heater or AC unit. This can help the airflow into and out of your system which will benefit your comfort.
  • Reduced illnesses. Air purifiers are uniquely equipped to handle particles that air filters aren’t able to such as viruses and bacteria. With fewer of these invaders in the house, there will be less risk of contracting an illness.

Are you ready to give your home’s air and comfort a boost? If so, you would do well to reach out to us to discuss adding an air purifier to your HVAC system. We have been providing great home comfort services like these for over 30 years.

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