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Can Germicidal Lights Really Improve My Indoor Air Quality?

Are you aware of the biological contaminants that could be infiltrating your home right this very minute? We don’t mean to startle you, however, we do have a solution for you! Germicidal lights—also referred to as UV air purifiers or UV lights—act as air purifiers, eliminating harmful particles from your HVAC system that could enter your indoor air. These particles include mold, mildew, and other various microorganisms. Keep reading to learn about the numerous benefits of germicidal lights.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Without the right kind of products or services, your indoor air can actually be pretty unhealthy. When particles such as mold enter your air, they can negatively impact occupants with allergies or asthma, in addition to individuals who are otherwise healthy. Germicidal lights attack these contaminants at the source of reproduction—your HVAC ductwork.

Eliminates Mold Growth and Odors

It makes sense that you do not want mold in your home, let alone flying through your indoor air. Germicidal lights have an anti-microbial impact on contaminants. This means that not only do they eliminate mold, they actually stop the development of harmful microorganisms. As an added benefit, this means they also eliminate the foul odor that results from mold.

They Are Versatile

There’s no need to worry about making room in your living space for another home comfort appliance. In fact, UV lighting fits right within your HVAC system, and are positioned where they need to be—that is aimed at your evaporator coils. This makes UV lights extremely effective, and plus they offer no harm to humans or pets—only the contaminants that could make you unhealthy.

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