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Tips to Boost Your Home Energy Efficiency

Saving money is on the agenda for most people. Still, some people don’t realize how much extra they are paying each month in energy bills. By improving your home’s energy efficiency, you can easily reduce your bills and reduce the impact of your carbon footprint. Today, we have furnished six tips to boost your home’s energy efficiency.

1. Insulating Walls and Roofs

If your roofs and walls are poorly insulated, they could cause a lot of energy wastage. However, by improving your home’s insulation, you can save a bunch of money considering where your home is and the type of property you own.

2. Checking Your HVAC System

A wasteful HVAC unit can increase your energy bills by a few hundred dollars, which you can avoid by upgrading it.

A heater also contributes to a lot of carbon emissions in a gas-heated home, which would be reduced drastically if you upgrade to an environmentally friendly heating system. Check out the AFUE of a new furnace, or the SEER rating of a heat pump and AC. If yours is on the lower end, then investing in a brand new system can save you a chunk of money long term.

3. Insulating Windows and Doors

Resorting to simpler solutions isn’t bad as well. Hang thick curtains over your windows to stop heat from escaping your home, thus letting you turn off the heating system earlier, reducing the bill.

Another thing you can do is use stick-on insulation over the sides of your home’s doors. It will help lower the energy bill as well as make your home warmer.

4. Using an Energy Monitor

We often don’t realize how much energy we are wasting. Therefore, one simple thing you can do is invest in an energy monitor that will let you know much gas or electricity appliances in your home use.

Another tip is to install it somewhere where it is visible to everyone in the house. This could be your kitchen so that it serves as a reminder to cut back when an appliance has been churning through a lot of energy.

5. Unplugging Electronics

We often forget to unplug electronics when we are done using them. This is because we are overwhelmed with the amount of electricity-consuming devices in a modern home.

Make sure you unplug devices that are rarely used in your home. Leaving on air conditioners, personal computers, phone chargers, and other devices can be a common occurrence in homes, increasing electricity bills over the long term. Try using a power strip to allow yourself to turn devices on or off with a simple click.

6. Using Water-Saving Showerheads

Baths can lead to a lot of water waste, thus increasing your water bills. A better option is to install a water-saving showerhead. The critical distinction here is water-saving since some showerheads can use as much water as the bath in few minutes.

Figuring out how to improve energy efficiency can be tricky on your own. However, if you happen to live near West Palm Beach, contact Envirotech Air Quality Services today. They can help you achieve the best preventative maintenance in West Palm Beach.

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