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Money Saving Tips for Your HVAC System

air-conditioner-unit-money-pileLet’s be honest, we all could use another way to save some cash during our day to day life. Aside from cutting coupons and eating at home more often though, did you know that you have ways to save money in the way that you use your home comfort system?

Believe it or not, you can! It is possible to save money based on the way you use parts of your HVAC system such as your air conditioning unit. These tactics may seem odd but they are truly easy to incorporate into your day-to-day patterns, with the end result being money remaining in your pocket where it belongs.

Lets get started with tips on how to save you some cash that you can use today.

4 Ways To use Your Home Comfort System To Help You Save

We all love staying comfortable and we all love saving money. Thankfully we can help you learn how to do both at once. This won’t mean that your utility bills will disappear but it will mean they will end up a lot smaller than they used to be, which is still a win.

  1. Change Your Filter Regularly: This tip is both easy and relatively low cost to boot. It may not seem like much, but your filter has a big impact on your AC system’s ability to do its job. When your filter becomes clogged, it can impact the ability of your system to pull in and push out air, thereby affecting your system’s operational efficiency.
  2. Optimize Your Efficiency: How efficient is your current AC system? Are you in the market for an update? If so, you should consider investing in a unit that has the best possible energy efficiency ratings. While a replacement system certainly isn’t cheap, it will pay for itself and the increased energy efficiency will also save you far more in the long run than using an out-dated system would.
  3. Try a Lower Temperature Setting: We know that it can be a little tough to think about doing in Florida but it is well worth it. Make sure to keep your AC adjusted to a moderate temperature that never goes beyond 20°F less than the temperature outdoors. In fact, the Department of Energy advises thermostats to save the most energy and money when set to 85°F during the summer.
  4. Schedule Maintenance Regularly: One of the best ways to make sure that you save money is to stay up to date on your system maintenance. This saves money that otherwise would go to expensive repairs or an early replacement. What’s more, maintenance keeps your system in peak condition, maximizing its energy efficiency and lowering the cost needed to run it.

These are just four tips to help you start out. If you want to learn even more one of the trained professionals on the Envirotech Air Quality Services team would be happy to help. We can assess your home environment and your comfort needs to provide customized solutions for you. Between our helpful information and our quality HVAC services in West Palm Beach, FL, we will leave you with peace of mind within a cool, comfy home.

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