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HVAC Efficiency Tips You Can Trust

white question mark on blue backgroundWhen you live somewhere as hot as we do, it really doesn’t matter what time of the year it is—you need a fully effective and efficiently functioning air conditioning system. Unfortunately though, running your air conditioner can be costly, especially when temperatures are at their highest. And when they are that high, you likely want to blast your air conditioner—which is not only a waste of money but is also potentially damaging to the system itself.

The good news is, when you need an HVAC contractor in Fort Lauderdale, FL to give you some great energy-saving tips, you needn’t look too far! Our team is here to help you give your cooling system a break and to help you use that cooling system more efficiently so you don’t find yourself battling unaffordable energy bills.

Utilize Your Ceiling Fans

You may have heard that ceiling fans cannot actually lower the temperature of the rooms they’re in. This is a true statement, but you can use ceiling fans to your benefit. Ceiling fans help circulate air more evenly. So, when you use them in combination with your air conditioner, you won’t have to turn your cooling system down so low, and this allows it to turn off sooner. Therefore, you’re using the system more efficiently.

Upgrade Your Thermostat

Even if you do a simple upgrade such as a digital thermostat instead of a manual slider thermostat, you’ll do your cooling system a favor. These older thermostats can be off by a few degrees, and although this might seem minor, it can actually cause you to waste a lot of energy trying to cool down your home. Upgrading to a digital, programmable, or even Wi-Fi thermostat helps give you more control over your cooling practices so you can use your air conditioner more effectively.

Seal Leaks

Even the smallest of air leaks through cracks in the doors or windows of your home can cause you to lose a significant amount of conditioned air. It also lets hot air from the outside into your home. All it takes is a little bit of caulking that you can get at any hardware store, and some time spent applying this weather stripping in all the right places—drafty windows and doors, as well as around pipe openings that come in from the outside.

Limit Heat-Inducing Appliances

This one is a little difficult, as of course you want to be able to cook for yourself and your family—but during the day when it’s hot out, try to limit the use of your oven. You might also try avoiding the use of your dishwasher and clothes dryer until nighttime as well, so you don’t make your home any hotter than it needs to be—forcing your AC system to work even harder.

Fix Your Ductwork

Do you have damaged or even dirty ductwork? This can have a negative effect on the cooling efficiency of your air conditioner as it impacts airflow and doesn’t allow conditioned air to actually reach your living space. The good news is, we offer duct cleaning services as well as duct sealing, repair, and replacement. We’re happy to assess your ventilation system to see where your problem areas may be!

Contact Envirotech Air Quality Services today for more great tips and quality HVAC services.

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