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Common “End of Season” AC Repair Needs

technician-working-on-outside-air-conditioner-unitLet’s face it, fall may be here according to the calendar but it really doesn’t feel much different here in Palm Beach, Fl. With temperatures that rarely drop below the 70s, we truly don’t have to worry about warming our homes much, if at all. Our HVAC systems are tasked, however, with keeping our homes cool nearly year-round.

When you put that kind of demand on a cooling system, you can imagine the level of wear and tear it can create. Without proper care, your air conditioning system can easily run into problems because of how often it is used.

So what might be some “end of season” issues that your cooler might be running into? We can give you the details on potential repair needs that your system might need help with below.

And while you are reading, you should consider getting the ball rolling by scheduling repair service for your Palm Beach, Fl HVAC system sooner than later.

Three Issues That Indicate You Need Autumnal AC Repairs

Is your air conditioner on the fritz? Do you think your HVAC system has just been acting a little strange lately? Whatever the case, here are some issues that should tell you that you need to opt for repair services soon:

Your System is Blowing Lukewarm Air

This may be a little tougher to pinpoint than if your AC was blowing hot air. However, lukewarm is an indicator of an issue even if it is less aggressive. If your cooler is putting out anything other than cool air, it can signal that you have any number of repair needs such as a dirty condenser unit, a refrigerant leak, or even a thermostat that isn’t doing its job.

Your AC is Short-Cycling

No, a shorter cooling cycle doesn’t save you money. It truth, it will end up costing you a lot more because it means that your AC can’t do its job properly and is having to work harder (aka using more energy) to cool down your home.

This is an issue that can be caused by frozen evaporator coils, but could also be due to a clogged air filter or a loss of refrigerant.

Your Cooler Isn’t Running as Efficiently

This could mean that it is running but doing so with a lot of noise. Or perhaps it is showing up as less cool air making it out of your vents. You may even have noticed that your energy bill has been a lot higher than normal.

An inefficient cooler may be the result of a system that is starting to get on in years and needs a good tune-up. Inefficiency and noise could also mean that you need to schedule repairs for part of your blower motor. And of course, if your filter needs cleaning or changing, this will affect your system’s efficiency as well.

Schedule Repairs Today and Enjoy Cool Air

If you are running into issues with your air conditioner, don’t hesitate to reach out to schedule repairs. The more you delay, the higher the risk is that your HVAC system might retain expensive and avoidable damage.

Contact Envirotech Air Quality Services today to schedule a service appointment with one of our team members.



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