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Is My System Worth the Cost of Heating Repair?

“To repair or not to repair, that is the question.” When a heating system has been in service long enough, it will begin to wear down and require more repairs. At a certain point, a homeowner will have to confront whether further repairs are a cost-effective way of continuing to receive heat, or if the better route is to replace the heater with a new system.

The answer to that question will vary for every homeowner. We will give you some guideposts for making the decision. However, you shouldn’t make the choice without personal input from heating and cooling experts. The next time you call for heating repair in Wellington, FL, ask your technician about your heater’s performance and if replacement might be more economical. At Envirotech Air Quality Services, we promise to give you honest answers, and then provide you whatever service will give you the best home comfort possible.

When are repairs no longer worth it?

Different types of heating systems have different life expectancies. Heat pumps in general last fewer years than a furnace, and among furnaces electric models tend to last longer than natural gas models. The manufacturer sets an expected lifespan for each model, so check that number to see if your heater has met or exceeded it.

In general, if a heater has gone past its expected lifetime, replacement is a good option. The heater has already provided you with an excellent return on your initial investment, and it has reached a point where it will deteriorate faster, require more repairs, and perform less efficiently. Most worrying: it might break down on a day when you really need it. Look into your repair bills as well as your heating bills to see if they’ve increased over the last two years; if they have, it’s a good time for a replacement.

For new heating systems, you should consider replacement if the heater requires repeated repairs even though it receives regular maintenance. If the heater hasn’t received regular maintenance, then repair is probably the right option.

Deciding to replace a heater is a big move, even if your current heating system is getting on in years. Since you will eventually need professional installers for the job, have them examine your heater to help you with the choice and see if you can still receive value with further repairs.

Envirotech Air Quality Services has brought quality heating repair to Wellington, FL and all of South Florida since 1987. You can trust our expertise and installation work when you think it’s time to leave repairs behind and look forward to a new heater.

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