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How Can Zone Controlled Cooling Benefit Me?

With the cooling season starting in just a couple short months, it’s time for residents in Palm Beach Gardens, FL to think about their air conditioning. Are you getting the most for your money? Is your system cooling unoccupied rooms? You may think your HVAC system works just fine. However, if it’s working too hard to cool your entire home when there’s no need to do so, it is not working at its peak efficiency.

What Is Zone Controlled Cooling?

A zone control system allows you to control the temperature in each room throughout your home, rather than being restricted by the temperature conditions in the room where your thermostat is installed. We’ve highlighted a few other zoning system benefits below.

Increased Indoor Comfort

Chances are, not everyone in your family is comfortable at the same exact temperature. With zone controlled cooling, one member of your household can raise or lower the temperature in their room without affecting the other occupants.

Improved Energy Efficiency

A well-designed zoning system could reduce your energy costs by as much as 30%, since you do not have to cool the entire house in order to maintain comfort in one area of the home. If you pair your zoning system with programmable thermostats, you could potentially save even more on cooling costs.

Extended HVAC Life

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of zone controlled cooling is that your HVAC will no longer need to move air through the entire home at all times. This means that your system receives less wear and tear, resulting in a longer life and fewer repair costs.

What Type of Homes Benefit the Most from Zone Controlled Cooling?

While any home will benefit, there are architectural features that make some homes perfect candidates. These features include:

  • High (cathedral) ceilings.
  • Above-garage room or apartment.
  • Numerous large windows.
  • Basement or attic living space.
  • A loft or sunroom.
  • Multiple stories.

At Envirotech Air Quality Services, we install and service zone control systems in Palm Gardens, FL and surrounding areas. Contact us today!

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