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Benefits of a Nexia Home Intelligence System

It might seem like something out of a movie, but homeowners today can have all the convenience of an automated house with remote control. Meet the Nexia Home Intelligence System, a technological advance that not only lowers your energy bills through control over your house’s HVAC system, but provides increased security throughout your home.

Envirotech Air Quality Services has partnered with Trane to install the Nexia Home Intelligence System for our customers. Call us to discuss how Nexia can make your heating and cooling in West Palm Beach, FL more energy efficient than ever.

The Nexia Home Intelligence System

This leap forward in home automation improves over even the most advanced wireless thermostat. It operates remotely—you can control it from a smartphone, laptop, or tablet—and it permits you to control many other appliances in your home, along with security systems and door locks.

The Nexia Home Intelligence System has too many features to cover in one post, but here are three of the major tools the system offers:

  • Climate management – Leave programmable and wireless thermostats behind! With Nexia, you have complete control over all the thermostats in your home, and can keep track of your home’s temperature wherever you are. The system also keeps records of your energy use, giving you access to how efficiently you use power to heat/cool your home.
  • Remotely control appliances – The HVAC system isn’t the only appliance you can control away from home. You can shut off lights if you forgot to turn them off before you left, as well as the television and stereo. You no longer need to worry about draining power during vacations or other long trips from home.
  • Home security If you have security cameras in your home, the Nexia system links to all of them, and you can access any camera in the home through your Wi-Fi connection. The sensors will also alert you to activity. This is useful not only for home security, but also to check if your children have made it home safely. The Nexia also gives you control over locks, so you can allow certain people access to your home without entrusting them with keys.

The Nexia Home Intelligence System is truly Next Generation technology, and a list of all its abilities would take up many pages. Contact Envirotech Air Quality Services to ask about the many advantages of installing one today, from improving security to improving heating and cooling in West Palm Beach, FL.

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