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When Is the Last Time Your Heat Pump Was Maintained?

Preventive maintenance is one of those services it’s important to invest it to ensure the functionality of your HVAC system throughout the year. Since we don’t have to worry too much about heat here in Florida, we often just think about our AC systems when it comes to scheduling maintenance. But what if you have a heat pump? This 2-in-1 system, which is perfect for climates such as ours with hot summers and mild winters, requires more than just once-a-year maintenance. Keep reading to learn why.

Preventive Maintenance

The whole point of investing in preventive maintenance is to allow our service professionals to catch problems before they have a chance to turn into much bigger emergencies and threaten the functionality of your HVAC system. Most heat pump issues don’t give off any obvious signs that they are suffering, until the problem has become quite advanced.

By scheduling preventive maintenance, you give our HVAC professionals the chance to find and repair problems early enough to prevent most of the damage. You may be able to save many thousands of dollars in repair costs over the life of the system by doing this.

Okay, but Why Twice a Year?

True, we may not heat our homes for very long, at all, but even a small amount of use warrants the need for a maintenance appointment. Just as you would have your air conditioner checked on a yearly basis, you’d have your heater checked annually too. But since heat pumps are a 2-in-1 system, this means their maintenance should be twice a year.

Heat pumps are placed under a high amount of wear and tear, so they require tune-ups twice as often. If it’s been over 6 months since your last heat pump tune-up, the time to call for service is now.

For expert heat pump maintenance in Lake Worth, FL, contact Envirotech Air Quality Services today!


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