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Important Heat Pump Components

A heat pump works in the same manner as a stand-alone air conditioner: it transfers heat from one location to another. Unlike an air conditioner, a heat pump can run the process in two directions. During warm weather when you need your home cooled down, a heat pump functions as an air conditioner and absorbs heat from indoors. During cold weather when you need a warm house, the process flips around, and heat extracted from outdoors gets moved indoors.

Because they function like air conditioners, heat pumps have similar components: fans, motors, coils (which switch between acting as condensers and evaporators), and capacitors. However, there are two important components that set heat pumps apart from standard air conditioners.

If you need help with your heat pump in Wellington, FL with either of these parts—or anything else that may ail your heating system—contact Envirotech Air Quality Services.

The key heat pump components

Reversing valve: This valve controls the direction of the refrigerant, and the refrigerant must be able to move in two directions for the heat pump to carry out both its functions. A reversing valve has two states, relaxed and energized. In the second state, an electric current runs through the valve. The manufacturer may make the relaxed state for cooling, and the energized state for heating, but it can also be designed the other way.

Two expansion valves: Since your indoor and outdoor coil need to both be able to absorb and dissipate heat, you need an expansion device at each coil. One will work during heating, and the other during cooling. Expansion valves regulate the amount of refrigerant that flows into the evaporator coil and absorbs heat from the air.

Schedule professional repair

Failure of either of any components will mean a heat pump that will only provide you with one of its functions—or may not work at all. Professional technicians must handle replacing these parts, since they are complex pieces of equipment, and different heat pump models use different types.

If you depend on a heat pump in Wellington, FL, you will need fast and reliable repairs done when a malfunction occurs in any of its components. You can call on Envirotech Air Quality Services any time of the day or night for top-quality repairs.

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