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Is a Heat Pump a Good Investment?

wall vent near floor in homeWe are well into summer, and, subsequently, well into the higher temperatures we suffer through each year. So, what if you’ve made the discovery that your aging air conditioner is not getting the job done? If you need a West Palm Beach, FL air conditioning installation, what type of AC system should you choose?

If you already have a traditional central air conditioning system, you may wonder why we’re asking this—shouldn’t you just replace your old system with an upgraded version? Well, you can, but that might not be the best option for you.

Enter the heat pump. This is an option for air conditioning that comes with heating as well. Granted, heating systems aren’t something we really prioritize here in Florida, right? It may seem silly to even mention. Nevertheless, even though our “winters” are very brief and mild, the change in temperature does require a heater on some cooler nights.

“But I Really Don’t Need a New Heater”

We get it. And to be quite honest, if your heating system is brand new and isn’t showing any signs of struggle, then a heat pump probably isn’t the right choice. After all, heat pumps do generally cost more than standard air conditioners to install, so to get the best return on investment it should run in both cooling mode and heating mode for year-round comfort.

There are many great options for high-efficiency air conditioning systems that will offer you a lot in energy savings, if you should choose to forgo the heat pump.

When a Heat Pump Is Worth the Investment

Okay, back to the benefits! When it comes to cooling, a heat pump system is equivalent to any air conditioner of the same size. Heat pumps don’t “lose” any power due to working as a heater as well. In fact, you can expect superior cooling. And if your heat pump is replacing an air conditioner that’s 10-15 years old, you’ll most likely have cooling that’s better and less expensive than before.

Additionally, even if you have a heater that’s on the newer side, if it runs on electricity then you could actually be wasting precious energy during our short-but-chilly nights during winter. Heat pump systems have higher energy efficiency than electric furnaces because they only draw electric power to transfer heat rather than creating it with electrical resistance.

This makes a heat pump 3-4 times more energy efficiency in heating mode than an electric furnace.

“I’m Still Not Sure about the Heat Pump”

Heat pumps work best in climates with hot summers and mild winters, since some heat pump systems can struggle to pull in warm air in bitterly cold areas. That makes a heat pump the perfect system for a community such as ours.

Additionally, a heat pump saves you money and space, given that it is a year-round system that operates much more efficiently than the average HVAC system. And lastly, you could take this system a step further and consider a ductless mini split, which operates on heat pump technology but eliminates the need for ductwork and allows for zoned cooling and heating.

When you’re seeking a team to help you make an educated decision about your air conditioning options, look no further than Envirotech Air Quality Services! Contact our team today.

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