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When Is the Last Time Your Ducts Were Inspected?

shot of air conditioner vent in the atticIf you are like most residents in Florida, you very likely use a centralized air conditioning system for your cooling needs. And unless you have a ductless system, that air conditioner involves the use of ductwork. Your ductwork is something that is mostly hidden from view, and is what enables the effective cooling of your home. But because of its visual inaccessibility, when there is something wrong it can be hard for the average person to detect.

This is where professional Palm Beach Gardens, FL ductwork services, such as duct testing, sealing, and repair, come in. But are damaged ducts really as big of a deal as we make them out to be? Are ductwork services really necessary? Well, if you want your HVAC systems to function as effectively and efficiently as they should throughout their lifespan, then the answer is yes. Keep reading to learn more.

The Problem with Breached Ductwork

When it comes to using your central air conditioner, you have to be able to rely on your ducts. If that ductwork is leaking, however, then you are allowing conditioned air to escape from the ducts, and hot air from unconditioned areas of your home to enter them. As you can probably guess, this leads to a number of various problems, including:

  • Higher Cooling Costs
  • Decreased Comfort in Your Home
  • Uneven Temperatures throughout the Living Space
  • Poor Indoor Air Quality
  • Unnecessary Strain on Your AC System

As we mentioned above, air ducts are mostly hidden from view. This means that a simple visual inspection of their condition is not likely, so it’s important to be aware of these signs of ducts in disrepair. Give our team a call if you’re worried about the shape of your ducts—we can help determine if they’ve been compromised.

Duct Testing Services

To determine if your ducts are in fact breached, you’ll need a professional to conduct duct testing services. This is a job only for those trained on how to adequately perform it. Not to worry—it is not an invasive procedure—no walls or ceilings will be harmed in the process of your duct testing!

What we’ll use is a finely calibrated fan to pressurize your ductwork. We can measure the pressure within the ductwork against that being input by the fan. A discrepancy in this measurement is what helps us determine if there are leaks.

The Next Step

Duct sealing will typically be the next step. No, you cannot do this yourself with store-bought duct tape. In fact, this tape is not aptly named—it shouldn’t even be used on your ductwork as it breaks down too quickly due to temperature fluctuations.

Rather, our trained technicians will figure out exactly where the leaks are in your air ducts, and then apply specialized mastic to those leaks in order to effectively seal them up, permanently solving the problem and allowing you to get back to cooling your home effectively.

Envirotech Air Quality Services is one of the very few HVAC companies in south Florida who are also licensed mold assessors, mold remediators, and duct cleaners. Contact us today!

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