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When Is the Best Time to Schedule Duct Cleaning?

When it’s time for an intense home cleaning session in your house, you can reach most of the hidden nooks and crannies with a step ladder, an extendible dusting wand, and a little bit of patience. And while you may believe you can take care of the most problematic areas of your house for dust and debris buildup, cleaning the ductwork is a bit more difficult than, say, dusting a ceiling fan or wiping off the top of a bookshelf.

Duct cleaning is a service that should be left to professionals, for several reasons. First, it’s vital to have clean ductwork since you breathe in the air that circulates through these ducts every day. And with professional duct cleaning, allergy and asthma symptoms may be reduced and you could immediately notice the difference in your air quality. But, an amateur job can leave much to be desired, as you can miss some key portions of ducts. Plus, most homeowners don’t have access to materials that will completely and safely target all types of pollutants. Besides having non-toxic materials at their disposal, experts also know how to clean in such a way that even the most delicate flexible ducts won’t suffer damage.

Professional duct cleaning is important not only for the quality of your air, but also for the longevity of your heating and air conditioning system. A layer of dust in the ducts means your AC or heater has to work a bit harder, resulting in higher energy bills. Although professional duct cleaning has so many important roles, it’s clearly not a job to be done every week. So how do you know it’s time to schedule duct cleaning in West Palm Beach?

It’s hard to tell when your ducts are in need of a thorough cleaning. But most experts recommend that your ducts get cleaned once or twice a year—especially if you run your home HVAC system frequently. Professional duct cleaning involves the use of professional-grade vacuums and cleaning agents to ensure the job is done properly and that any type of contaminant cannot survive in the ducts.

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