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Start the Year Off With Clean Ductwork

At the start of the new year, it’s always a good idea to think about your home maintenance. You may already get your annual HVAC tune-up, but when’s the last time you scheduled duct cleaning in Boca Raton, FL?

Your ducts need to be cleaned, too, though not as often as your heating and air conditioning unit. Ducts should be cleaned every three to five years for maximum efficiency.

Cleaning your ducts helps remove dirt, prevent mold, and remove other contaminants. This can improve your overall indoor air quality and even help prevent problems such as reduced airflow throughout the home.

If you’re wondering whether your ducts need to be cleaned, read on to discover the warning signs and benefits of duct cleaning.

Warning Signs of Dirty Air Ducts

Your central HVAC’s ductwork allows both warm and cool air to flow freely throughout your home. Clean ducts promote good air quality and even flow. This also helps maintain a stable temperature year-round. On the flipside, ducts in need of cleaning may present some of these red flags.

1. Dirty Air on Vents

You may notice dirt, dust, and debris built up on your air vents. This may also result in dirt building up on surfaces around the home. No matter how often you dust, there is always a fine layer of dust whenever you run your heating or AC.

If you notice any dirt visibly leaving the vents, this is likely being pushed from the walls of the ducts. A professional cleaning can easily remedy the problem.

2. Respiratory Problems

Seasonal allergies are hard enough to deal with; having dirty ducts can cause you and your family to suffer from respiratory symptoms year-round. Dirty ductwork can cause frequent irritation, itchiness, a runny nose, sore throat, red eyes, and even an increase in sinus infections. Cold-like symptoms can also begin to develop if your ductwork has built-up mold spores.

During allergy season, ductwork that has not been cleaned can actually worsen your symptoms. A build-up of debris and pollutants may result in more allergens being pushed into the home.

3. Poor Airflow

If your heating or AC seems uneven, there may be build-up causing the issue. Ducts must be pristine for air to easily navigate in and out of various rooms; too much dirt can lead to reduced airflow and uneven heating or cooling.

4. Easily Clogged Air Filters

If your HVAC air filters seem to fill up with dirt faster than usual, it could be too much dirt in your ducts. This creates a build-up during the return cycle that ultimately wears down your system.

5. Unpleasant Smell

Dirty ducts can also produce a musty odor that no amount of in-house cleaning resolves. When you run your heating or air conditioner, the smell may worsen.

Benefits of Duct Cleaning

Professional duct cleaning protects your entire HVAC system! In addition to preventing unnecessary breakdowns and malfunctions, duct cleaning can also extend the lifespan of your HVAC unit by decreasing the amount of strain on the system.

Duct cleaning can improve indoor air quality by removing a wide range of air pollutants. This can improve health and resolve any symptoms you’ve experienced from unclean ducts.

This service can also possibly lower energy bills by clearing the pathway for the heated and cooled air your system makes.

Cleaning your ducts every three to five years can keep your system running at optimal efficiency; this will result in better airflow, more even temperatures, and reduced energy consumption.

Need to clear out your ductwork? Reach out to schedule an appointment with Envirotech Air Quality Services today!

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