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Signs That It’s Time for a Thorough Duct Cleaning

If you, like so many other homeowners, choose to heat and cool your home with a system of air ducts, then it is vital that you keep your ductwork in fine working condition. This requires more than ensuring that your air ducts are not torn or disconnected, though; it also means that your air ducts must be immaculately clean within. The buildup of pollutants within your ductwork can lead to a number of different problems. Fortunately, they are nothing that a professional duct cleaning in West Palm Beach, FL cannot handle. We’ve put together some tips below to help you to determine if you are in need of a thorough duct cleaning. If so, make sure that Envirotech Air Quality Services is the company that you call to get the job done right.

  • You Cannot Keep Up with Dusting and/or Vacuuming: The problem with having pollutants infiltrate your ductwork is the fact that those very same air ducts are in control of the distribution of conditioned air throughout your home. This means that the pollutants which make their way into your air ducts can then be spread throughout your entire living space as the air ducts do their job. If you clean regularly, but still find that there is a lot of dust and grime throughout your household, it may be due to dirty air ducts spreading those pollutants around during operation.
  • Increased Heating and Cooling Costs: Not only will you find that it is difficult to keep up with cleaning around your home if your air ducts are polluted, but you may also find yourself paying more in order to heat and cool your house. This is not because the pollutants in the air ducts have built up to point that they are blocking airflow through the ducts, though. Much more likely is that the pollutants have clogged up air filters, or even built up on components within the system itself, impeding its ability to adjust temperatures in your home efficiently.
  • Aggravated Allergy or Asthma Symptoms: When you have dirt, dust, and dander making its way throughout your home via your air ducts, asthma and allergy sufferers may get the worst end of the deal. These pollutants can make your home quite inhospitable to those with allergies or any respiratory ailments. Let us know if you notice any of these warning signs in your home. Envirotech Air Quality Services will ensure that your air ducts are cleaned effectively and thoroughly.

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