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Is It Time to Have Your Ducts Cleaned?

A common question many Florida residents have is, “Is it worth it to have my ductwork cleaned?” It is—admittedly—not something that needs to be done on as regular a basis as air conditioning maintenance. However, it is one of the most effective ways to improve your indoor air quality. With spring upon us, your indoor air quality may actually be in worse shape than the air quality outdoors. But how do you know if it’s time to schedule air duct cleaning?

You’ve Noticed Excessive Debris

Have you observed an increased amount of contaminants in your home? This might include pet hair, pollen, dust, or even odors. These are released into your home through your ducts, and this is definitely a sign that your ducts need cleaning. This is particularly true if you haven’t had your ductwork examined in years, since the walls could be lined with this debris.

You’ve Seen Mold Growth

Mold and mildew develop in cool, dark climates, making your ductwork the perfect breeding ground. Take a look inside your ducts. If there is visible mold growth, it is certainly time for a cleaning. Another sign of mold growth in your ductwork is wet insulation. In addition to duct cleaning, you’ll want to replace this compromised insulation so the problem does not continue to come back.

You Have an Animal Infestation

Nobody wants to deal with critters in their ductwork, let alone in or around their home. However, this is often audible signs that catch homeowner’s attention and alert them that something is amiss in their ducts. If you hear scurrying, flapping, or buzzing, you can very well have a vermin problem in your ducts. After having rodents or birds effectively removed from your ducts, you’ll want to schedule a thorough duct cleaning to remove any animal droppings, in addition to next or hive remains.

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